How Formitize Workflows and Events Can Automate Your Business

Do you feel constantly overwhelmed by the action items in your daily business workflow? Does it seem like your to-do list is constantly growing and you feel like you can barely catch up? What started as a passion has now turned into a nightmare that you need to wake up from. If your business is starting to feel like work, then there’s something wrong. Running your business should bring you joy, not pain. So why do you persist on doing everything with paper? Why not go paperless and watch your business grow by leaps and bounds while spending lesser money, time, and effort?


Formitize Can Help You

There are better ways to run your business. One of them is through Formitize – a paperless app that can get things done in a jiffy through the power of automation. Formitize offers powerful, fully integrated workflow solutions that can be triggered manually or automatically based on answers in the form or more. You’re probably wondering how Formitize can do all that. Check out this post and get the answers to questions that have probably hounded you for years.


Here are a few ways Formitize Workflows and Events can automate your business:

Customize Email Subjects and PDF Report Names

You can customize the naming of both the Email Subject and the PDF Reports generated utilizing any field names from your form such as Date, Customer Name, and Location to enable easy search and identification.



Set Status / Require Status

Different Reports and Actions can be triggered based on the Status of the Submitted Form. The Status of the form can also be automatically set based on answers given in the form. In the same way, a certain Status may be required in order to generate an Action.

For example, a Purchase Order Form can be completed in the Field. If the order value is over $500, an action triggers an automated email to the Financial Controller to review the Purchase Order request with an option to authorize. On authorizing, the Status changes from PO Pending to PO Approved and the field user receives notification that they can proceed with the Purchase.


Adding Resource Documents to PDF Reports

You can assign a document from your Resource Folders to be automatically attached to a PDF Report on dispatch. So for example, if you need different Terms & Conditions attached to your PDF Report based on answers provided in the Form (such as Customer Type) this can be achieved.
Another example of this application is if you want your Sales Catalog to be added to each PDF Report for all New Customers only. This can also be achieved using this feature.


Customizing Email from Name and Address

The Emails being automatically dispatched can have both the Email from Name and Email from Address customized based on criteria. For example a Sales Order can come from ABC Sales (Sales@abc.com) while a Quality Report can come from ABC Human Resources (hr@abc.com)


Delay Dispatch Feature

You can set and stagger the dispatch timing of automated emails being sent automatically using the Delay feature.


Timed Status Change

You can enable the form status to change after a prescribed period of time. For example if a Form Review has not occurred within a certain time frame, the status can automatically change to “Review Overdue” for example and an additional email reminder communicated.


“Send To” Feature

You can set up Actions such as emails to be sent automatically based on the form criteria and you can send emails to different parties based on form answers. For example, if a Safety Risk is identified as part of a Property Inspection, the Customer will receive the Inspection Report, the Sales Manager receives a summary of the order value, and additionally, the Safety Manager receives a separate report based on the safety risk identified.


Check out these workflow actions yourself! Start your Free 30-day Trial Today!

Formitize – making paperwork paperless.

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