Super Fast, Ultra Powerful and Beautifully Customizable! You will Love Next Generation Formitize 2.0

Formitize are very excited to announce that Next Generation Formitize 2.0 is arriving so we wanted to give you a heads up and let you know what’s new, and what to look for.

Formitize 2.0 is great looking, brand new architecture to maximise speed and performance and provide an awesome platform ready for the many new features we are working on.



The Big 6 New Features:

  • Super Quick Processing
  • Cool, New Styling & Feel
  • Customize logos and colors
  • Horizontal Form Fields
  • Enhanced Drawing Tool
  • Kiosk Mode

And lots of others:

  • New and Saved buttons
  • Save and Submit buttons
  • Syncing notification
  • Backed Up notification
  • Status Page replaced


Matt Burge, Formitize CEO commented, “Our Product Development Team have done it again. The new App is super fast, really smooth and a beautiful user experience. We have added some really smart navigation and features that save time and improve the process. The customization means that our clients effectively now have their own app and the feedback has been really exciting. With so many other new features our clients will love, it really demonstrates again our commitment to lead the world in mobile paperless solutions.”


These sections highlight some of the changes the new app will deliver both in terms of new features and changes in the way the app works:

1. Customizing your App: Logos and Color

You can now customize your app in three ways – Login screen logo, App color and Form Logos

Login Page Logo

Make the Formitize App your own by customizing with your own logos and colours. The new Login Page allows large space for a logo or image of your choice. Note, you can use different logos for the login screen and different forms. To add a logo to your login page, simply upload the logo into your Resources file with the name app_logo.

Custom Colours

You can also customize the base colour of your App. The colour of the App is automatically taken from the customized colour of the Menu Bar in your Management Portal. To set the colour of both your Management Portal Menu Bar and your App base colour go to Settings in your Management Portal and then select “Customize.”

Form Logos

You can now select different logos or images to appear at the top of your different forms.

2. Kiosk Mode: Perfect for Rapid Entry, Lead Generation, Exhibitions, Reception Desks

Kiosk Mode can be used for individual forms that are customer facing or for repetitive tasks such as food safety five-minute checks.

The differences are that the user can only see the form page, when they complete their entry, the only option is to SUBMIT, they cannot SAVE.

When the form submits, the data instantly clears and the form returns to the start as blank, ready for the next entry.

If public try to exit system, security keypad appears requiring key code.

The Reception Desk Solution collects visitor information on arrival, which can include a safety induction. It then auto-emails the visitor an E-Badge, a welcome email and can attach additional PDF’s such as company brochure and safety information. The host auto-receives a notification that the guest has arrived. A similar process exists then for sign-out.

3. New Status Page – App Style Menu

We have replaced the old “Status” page with a fresh new “app style” look and function.

Forms, Jobs and Resources are all accessed via the new App style menu.

You will not yet be able to access Clients, Accounts or Diary menu options until the features are released but here is a quick summary of their features:

Clients: A CRM view of your customers – you can view the client details and then Email, SMS or Call them from the Client Page.

Accounts: Track Quotations and Invoices from the Accounts section and make contact with ease.

Diary: View your diary, add a scheduled event through the diary feature. For clients using the Formitize Scheduler, the events will appear in the diary view.

We will inform you with more details as we prepare to release these great new updates.

4. Starting a New Form Page – has been removed for more efficiency.

We have deleted the “Starting a New Form” page from our process as for most users, it was an unused feature.

For clients that did use the “Title” field in this page, the same field is still available at the top of the form. The “Date Created” and “Location” data fields are also visible in the “Show Details” button at the top of the form.

Title that once appeared on the “Starting a New Form” page, now appears at the top of each form.

Form Details that once appeared on the “Starting a New Form” page are now available by selecting “Show Details” at the top of each form. These details include:

Form Version
Date Created

5. SAVE and SUBMIT Forms – A simpler process.

The “Save and Exit” and “Load” buttons have been replaced with a more user-friendly approach.

SAVE – Save a Form by selecting the “SAVE” option at the top of the screen.

You can view the Form Control Details by selecting “Show Details.”

SUBMIT – Submit a Form by selecting the “SUBMIT” option at the top of the screen.

You can hide the Form Control Details by selecting “Hide Details.”

6. New Forms and Saved Forms – A simpler process.

When you have entered the forms section of the App, you have two choices:

NEW – Start a NEW Form (all available forms are listed below).

SAVED – Reopen and continue a form that you have previously SAVED.

7. Advanced Drawing Tool – More User Friendly

The new drawing tool has the tool box open at all times at the top of the page. These speeds up the drawing process by reducing clicks and improves the user experience dramatically.

You can now also “Pinch and Zoom” to scroll in and out of the image or to move the view of the image around enabling again, a better user experience and faster drawing.

OPEN TOOLBOX – Now the toolbox is always open making changes to the form even faster.

PINCH AND ZOOM – By pinching or squeezing with your fingers You can now expand and condense your view of the drawing.

8. Horizontal Form Fields – More User Friendly for some data-entry scenarios.

Historically, Formitize has presented all form fields in a vertical format, this was to allow for the smallest of screen sizes. However, the new version allows fields to be presented horizontally across the page. This is more in line with the look of a lot of paper-based forms and allows a clearer data entry process for many users.

Horizontal Fields – great data-entry flexibility with horizontal form fields replaces the vertical only option. Make the entry form look even more like your old paper form with horizontal fields while keeping all functionalities such as dropdowns, look-ups and calculations.

Perfect layout for Invoices, Repetitive Checks and JSA / Safe Work Method Statements. You can select which sections of your form you would like to be horizontal or vertical.

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