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Holiday-proof your business: Top tips to keep business running over the Christmas break

The closer we get to Christmas, the more offices are filled with a mixture of panic and excitement as everyone prepares for a few work-free weeks. We’d like to take a minute to break down the key steps to keeping your business running over the Christmas break. … Read More

Formitize Tip: Job Webhooks To Keep Everyone Informed

You now have the flexibility to set up Formitize so that whenever a Job is changed (for example created or updated), Formitize will send the Job details to your third party system. This allows you to keep your external processes/systems … Read More

Recapping 2021: The Year That Was

As 2021 draws to a gentle close, we reflect on the achievements and events that shaped a year we’ll all surely remember. While COVID-19 continued to take hold of the world and changed the ways we went about our day-to-day … Read More

The ‘other thing’ that 70% of your customers expect (which you may not have considered)

We all understand the importance of a premium product and outstanding customer service in order to attract new business and retain existing customers. But did you know that 70% of consumers are also invested in how the companies they buy … Read More

Formitize Tip: Running late for my next appointment – can I quickly let my next customer know

It’s common courtesy as a business operator to let your next customer/s know that you’re running behind schedule. But it isn’t always convenient to stop, find numbers and make calls. A simple Formitize feature lets you send an SMS to … Read More

Looking After Our Environment – 3 Ways Your Business Can Make A Difference

The wellbeing of the environment is increasingly on the radar of businesses and individuals alike. With greater volumes of research, dialogue and anecdotal experience, there is more urgency and determination than ever before to set Mother Earth back on the … Read More

Formitize Case Study: The Flea & Tick Guys

The Flea & Tick Guys are a Townsville-based Pest Control establishment. Their team is focused on not only solving their clients’ pest problems, but also looking after the local community. Liam Doherty from The Flea & Tick Guys first heard about Formitize from others in the pest control industry using Formitize, particularly the Pest Managers’ Association Facebook page. … Read More

Formitize Case Study: Barrington Coast Pest Management

Barrington Coast Pest Management Owner Luke Jenkinson first heard about Formitize through others in his industry who were also using Formitize. Luke states, “The main reason I came to Formitize in the first place was because I needed a full CRM and document management system that had accounting software integration. At this point, I was beginning a business as a sole trader.” … Read More

Keeping the whole team in sync

With some team members out in the world and others holding the fort from the office, it has never been more important for information to seamlessly sync to ensure everyone has updated information. A big improvement to our jobs system … Read More

Formitize Tip: Keep track of your Forms

Paul says, “We have utilised the training options offered by Formitize — including Virtual Screen Share Training. We have also used these Support Tools within Formitize: 30-Minute Walkthrough Tour, Demonstration Videos, Getting Started Guide, Support Ticket, and User Guide.” … Read More

Dyslexia Awareness Month – How Formitize Helps Those Affected in the Workplace

With October being Dyslexia Awareness Month, here at Formitize we’re so proud to be supporting companies and team members affected by it worldwide.
Dyslexia is incredibly common. In fact, it is the most common of all neuro-cognitive disorders with around 15% of the population living with it.
Read More

Formitize Case Study: Home Concrete Solutions

Paul says, “We have utilised the training options offered by Formitize — including Virtual Screen Share Training. We have also used these Support Tools within Formitize: 30-Minute Walkthrough Tour, Demonstration Videos, Getting Started Guide, Support Ticket, and User Guide.” … Read More

Formitize Case Study: Bug Out Pest Solutions

Bug Out Pest Solutions is a locally operated, family-run and oriented business, which serves the Brisbane area. Bug Out Pest Solutions provide professional and efficient services around their clients’ schedules. The company specialises in general pest control, inspections, and termite treatments. … Read More

Removing the paper middleman in your business – the COVID trend you need to jump on

With so many cities around the world still experiencing restrictions due to COVID-19, one of the trends the Formitize team is seeing (which may be a result of work-from-home scenarios), is the increase in demand for Webforms. … Read More

New Industry-Leading Report Templates Change the Game

Aussie pest and termite managers are facing more insurance regulation and legal governance than ever before, with the pressure to accurately and efficiently capture onsite information being felt across the industry.

Formitize, an Australian pest control software company, is excited to launch a suite of custom-built pest control report templates that not only adhere to industry and Australian Standards, but are also clear and easy to navigate and understand for home and business owners … Read More

Meet our newest team members

We’re thrilled to introduce the three newest members of our Client Care Team – Donny, Johayra and Joanne. We share some of their unique tips for tackling each new day, explore their favourite seasons and get a feel for what makes them tick. … Read More

Formitize Case Study: Prevent A Pest

Aaron says, “Formitize provides a valuable contribution to how my business operates. The specific forms along with the ability to schedule jobs make it much easier rather than using standard accounting software. Formitize is good value for money. My Formitize account was easy to set up — it’s a great solution that has really enhanced my business!” … Read More

Formitize Case Study: Cutting Hedge

Janine states, “Our previous process created challenges for our business, including Inefficiencies, Time delays, Paperwork Getting Lost, and Delayed Payments. I felt our old system was outdated and our clients did not want to keep track of paper dockets. The crew would occasionally forget to hand in their completed job sheets or leave them in their Utes for weeks. The customers were sometimes waiting up to 2 weeks to receive an invoice for work completed.” … Read More

The Evolution of Formitize

Every year, 21 August marks World Entrepreneur’s Day – a day to celebrate the people who start a business alone and create awareness for entrepreneurship, leadership, and innovation. So, it seems fitting that today we sit down with our very own Founder, Matt Burge, and look back at the incredible journey of Formitize. … Read More

Formitize tip: Streamline and Simplify Your Invoicing

Invoicing is an integral part of any business — whether it’s Pest Control or Building Inspection, Landscaping or Pool Inspection. Whatever field you are in, you will need an efficient and effective invoicing system. … Read More