Five Ways to Boost Your Law Firm’s Efficiency Using Paperless Technology

For most lawyers, having their own private practice is the pinnacle of success – although some also aspire to become partners in prestigious and well-established law firms. Whether your practice is big or small, there is a growing need for your organization to adopt new technology in order to keep up with the times.



Here are 5 ways to boost your law firm’s efficiency using paperless technology:

1. Go Paperless.
Don’t you just wish you could get rid of that growing mountain of paperwork on almost every desk in your office? The solution is simple – get software that lets you do away with paper clutter while implementing a more accurate and efficient data collection and processing system. Formitize can do all that and so much more. Our paperless app lets you keep your old paper forms or we will create new ones for you so that you and your staff can access and use your mobile forms using your Smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere.

2. Upgrade Your Website.
You need to become more accessible to your clients, which is why you need to focus on revamping your website to help build your online presence. Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you can choose your target keywords (words that your target clients might use when searching for the services that you offer) and create and upload new content in order to get found easily on Google. The more prominent you are online, the easier it is for potential clients to locate and contact you. This is why it pays to have a website that’s both client- and SEO-friendly.

3. Invest in Social Media.
You need to get your voice heard online. That’s why it’s vital for you to invest at least a few hours a day on social media. The stronger your presence on social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, the easier it will be for potential clients to find you.

4. Use Email.
Get rid of all the paper-related costs once and for all – printing, envelopes, postage, etc. When sending out letters and draft documentation, use email instead of the old-fashioned postal mail and watch as your paperwork costs plummet each month. The savings you will keep from this can be of better use in other areas of your business, such as staff training, for example.

5. Conduct Regular Staff Training.
Now that you’ve decided to go down the paperless route, you need to ensure that other members of your organization are in sync with your new policy. Every staff member needs to be oriented with your new paperless solution and other related strategies. You need to conduct regular staff training in order to get everyone on board. You will also need to equip each staff member with the most recent version of your training manual. Paperless technology provides you and your entire organization with pdf copies of every important document that you will need to function cohesively as a team, including your updated training manual.


Why You Need to Go Paperless

Going paperless is the right thing for you to do, especially with the growing number of businesses and organizations going down the paperless route. Every day, we are formitizing our clients’ paperwork, turning paper forms into mobile forms that make life easier for them. Can we formitize your law firm’s paper forms?

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