Formitize Case Study: Readyvac

Readyvac is a respected and established vacuum excavation company. Readyvac is a dynamic privately owned company servicing the civil construction industry in non-destructive digging and service location. 

The Challenge

Steph Spaninks of Readyvac first found Formitize online when searching for a paperless forms solution to solve the challenge of tedious manual data entry.

Readyvac were looking for these solutions:

Steph says, “Formitize provides a valuable contribution to how our business operates. It’s great. It has made improvements to our business.”

Readyvac are now using a range of Formitize’s paperless modules:

  • Resources (Document Management)
  • Paperless Forms
  • Job Scheduling
  • Safety First
  • Reporting
  • Web Forms

Steph says, “Our Formitize Account was easy to set up. It’s a good solution, easy to use.”

On a scale of 1 to 10, when asked, overall, how easy it was for him to navigate Formitize as a Business Solution (1 being Very Difficult – 10 being Very Easy), Steph gives Formitize an “8.”

Why Readyvac Loves Formitize Support and Customer Service

Steph says, “Formitize Support and Customer Service is very responsive. The support and customer service teams are always very helpful.”

Steph continues, “Prue is lovely to deal with and is very efficient in finding me out answers she is not sure about. Having Prue as our customer support person has made a huge difference in the role of Formitize in our business.”

In terms of rating the overall Formitize Client Support, when asked what score he would give (1=Very Poor, 10 = Amazing), Steph gives us a “10.”

Why Readyvac Chose Formitize Over Other Solutions

Steph says, “We were previously using Fastfield Forms. We made the shift to Formitize because Fastfield Forms had no job scheduling or Xero integration.

Steph states, “We compared Formitize to other solutions before we made the decision to use Formitize. We were looking at Assignar.”

Steph relates, “We chose Formitize over the other solutions because it seemed user-friendly plus, it had a similar form builder platform that I had used previously and had the Xero integration and job scheduling functions we really needed.”

On a Scale on 1 to 10, when asked how likely he was to recommend Formitize to a friend or Colleague? (1 = Not Likely – 10 = Very Likely), Steph gave us a “9.”

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Formitize – making paperwork paperless.

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