Formitize Clients’ Frequently Asked Questions in August 2017

Here at Formitize, August was buzzing with activity. We’ve collected some questions sent in by you – our clients and prepared answers for each one.

Here’s this month’s edition of Formitize Clients’ FAQ:



Q: Can you help me customize existing forms?

A: Definitely! If you want your form customized, you’re in the right place. Our Professional Services Team are ready and waiting to assist if you would like us to do the work for you. You can find the Professional Services Guide in the Help section of your Management Portal. There you can ask our Professional Services Team to build a new form, edit your existing forms and a wide range of other services that can truly improve your Formitize experience.


Q: I have my client list. How do I set up recurring jobs?
A: Quick and easy! You can do this either in your App or Management Portal where you can add recurring jobs. If you have a bulk file of jobs, then log into your portal and select “Jobs” then “Import Jobs” and upload the file. In the App, select either Jobs or Calendar then select “NEW.” When creating new jobs, you will see the Recurring Tab at the top of page enabling the setup of the recurring profile.

Check out this video for a step-by-step tutorial that will show you how to set up recurring jobs:


Q: Why is there a “Forms” section in the App?

A: The Forms section is really useful for organizations that need more detailed data collection to be included in their processes. The Form Builder can be used to create custom forms for any situation. These forms can then be accessed and completed from within the Forms section or the forms can be added to jobs and completed as part of the job process. In addition to job-related forms, any other paperwork used in the business can be added into the Forms section to help you get completely paperless – such as leave requests, purchase orders, safety inspections – basically any form currently being used can be converted.


Q: I use Xero religiously. How do I integrate Xero into this program?
Great! Formitize has a very powerful two-way integration with Xero. To activate the integration, simply go to Settings > CRM Settings > Invoices and select Xero from the dropdown. This will automatically trigger the integration that will import all of your customers, suppliers, invoice history, line items and more into the CRM. The two systems then sync with each other to ensure everything is always up to date.


The Formitize CRM Dashboard video:


Q: How does the Email Log work?
Good question! All emails being sent through the solution are recorded and monitored in the Email Log. This tracks the email delivery and alerts the bounce if the email address was incorrectly added.


Q: Does it cost extra to send text messages to clients to remind them of the service compared to them receiving emails?
Yes, you can buy “add on” packs in your portal. Select “CRM Settings” then “SMS” and in multiples of $10 packs. It costs around eight cents per text and has an auto-top up facility.


Featured Testimonial

Finally, here’s what Formitize User Kylee Sharp says about our paperless app: “It has saved me more than 5 hours per week on invoicing. Saved another 5 hours on scheduling and has so many clever features that are intuitive to the needs of a business owner. Can’t praise highly enough.”

There you go. These are just some of the burning questions and concerns from our clients that we have addressed this month. Visit our blog regularly to learn more about Formitize and how our amazing paperless app is changing the way you do business.


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