Formitize Clients’ Frequently Asked Questions in July 2017

Here at Formitize, we believe in helping our clients maximize the app to boost their businesses. We really value questions asked by our clients and believe the answers will be of value to other clients too. And so, we’re sharing the answers to our clients’ top questions in July.

So, let’s dive in! Here are your most Frequently Asked Questions in July:


Q: Can I attach an Invoice when creating a Job?

Yes! You can now attach an invoice when creating a job that will automatically be linked to the job. The new Invoice field is situated under Job Type.


As seen in the image, when you click on the Invoice dropdown, you have three choices:

No Invoice: this will dispatch the job with no invoice attached.

Add New Invoice: this will open the invoice page with all contact details and payment terms automatically populated, ready to simply add the invoice line items for the job, or

Attach Job to Existing Invoice: this will present all existing invoices related to the client selected, enabling you to assign the job to an existing invoice. This is particularly useful for businesses that invoice before doing the job.


Can I contact my clients directly from Formitize’s Job Page?

You sure can! All you have to do is Swipe to contact Client from App Job Page.

When viewing the Job Page, the Client and Contact Details are added and the Client’s Email, Phone, and Mobile number can all be swiped from the left to trigger integrated communications enabling integrated call, SMS, or email.

Now you’re able to contact your clients while viewing their current status on Formitize’s Job Page. That means you’ll never miss an opportunity to stay in touch with your clients – whether it’s to remind them of their next inspection, schedule your next visit, or simply thank them for choosing you as their service provider.


Can I View, Edit, and Update Submitted Forms in the App?

Absolutely! You can do all these and so much more with Formitize’s updated features designed to power up the App’s functionality.

Historically, the ability to edit Submitted Forms has been restricted to Management Portal Users. The new release now enables Submitted Forms to be viewed, edited, and updated from the App (providing the App user has required permissions).

There are many benefits in providing this additional functionality, such as correcting mistakes in the field, updating existing records in real time, updating and adding to existing information submitted (such as updating time and materials costs to a job form), making client requested changes (such as Agreement Variations), and updating the Form Status to drive workflows.


Can I attach documents and images to Jobs?

Of course! The latest release of the Formitize App (2.5.5) includes the ability to attach documents and images to Jobs – perfect for floor plans, site plans, photos, pre-inspection agreements, and so much more.

The Attachment will also be available for the Drawing Tool in the App so the field user can pull the Attachment into the Drawing Tool to draw or add legend icons to the attached image.

The New Job page now includes an additional tab for Attachments. Simply upload the document or image here and it will be attached to the job.


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