Formitize Clients’ Frequently Asked Questions in May 2017

Meeting our clients’ needs is our top priority. This month, here are some frequently asked questions from our customers and we’re sharing them with all of you.


How do I get a PDF copy of my form?

Once you have built the form, you can go to the forms section and edit your paperless form. You have the options to either preview the form as PDF or you can send it as an email. You can also set a schedule or assign the form to a job so that you can receive a copy of the form.


I already have a Xero account and I need risk assessment forms all in the one app. Can we do that? What’s the cost? I’m too busy out in the field can’t be in the office. How many hours do I have to put in?

When you’re using Formitize, you can link your account to your Xero account so your reports will be forwarded to them. You can save time when you’re out in the field since you can also perform or fill up your Risk Assessment forms using our system. Since you will be using only one App to perform your reports, it will indeed save you time. We also work offline.

Our standard price is at $29.99 per user per month.

If you like, you can register for a free trial and have a full demonstration of the App at no cost or obligation. If you have a form that you would like to use to test, you can send it to support@formitize.com and we can have that built for you.It is easy to set up. You can just register here in our website and you will be able to use the App already. For mobile devices, you can search for Formitize in the App store or Google Play.

Our price may reduce depending on the number of users you may have or the scope of work where you will be using Formitize. If you like to have a more specific cost estimate, you can send an inquiry to our sales team. Just email it to sales@formitize.com. Please let them know how many users you have and what scope of work will they be using Formitize. You can also ask for other payment options.

These are just some of the concerns raised by two of our clients. Look out for more of this next month as we share our customers’ frequently asked questions here on our blog.


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