Formitize Clients’ Frequently Asked Questions in September 2017

Because we love our customers, all of us at Formitize strive to answer every question and concern you send our way.

Here’s this month’s edition of Formitize Clients’ FAQ:



Q: I am looking for a paperless work permit. Can you make one for me?

A: Definitely! We can make your Work Permit forms paperless. You can either send us a copy of your form and we can build it for you or you can build it using our Form Builder. If you like, you can register for a 30-day Free Trial and have a full demonstration of the App.

Formitize delivers a whole range of paperless work permits and form solutions such as Height Safety, Confined Spaces and Hot Work Permits. The forms can be completed onsite and have a range of features to improve efficiency and compliance such as Mandatory Fields, Date Time and GPS Stamping, Photos with automated tagging, On-screen Signatures and integrated permission workflows. All submissions are archived and easily retrieved for compliance and audit purposes and the integrated auto-email means all parties can be notified and kept up to date on progress. You can even have automated job status updates built in to automatically update different parties on the status of the job.

Your best tool for building customized paperless forms is the Formitize Form Builder. Check out the Formitize Build New Form Page video here:


Q: After the form is created, how is it managed? When a user creates a work permit, how is it closed? Or signed off? We have tablets now. But, is this software able to manage the permits this way?

A: Yes, you can complete forms using your mobile device. Once a form is created, you can either submit it to a user or a team member so they can complete the form; or you can use it with the Scheduler to schedule a job. You will receive notifications once the form is completed or to remind you of the scheduled job. It can then go to your submitted forms section. We have a Management Portal where you can do all these. You can find the Portal in the website; but, you can also do this using your App. Automated workflows can trigger the communications and the form status can be manually or automatically updated as the permit moves through the stages.

Check out our video to learn more about the Management Portal:


Q: Is it possible to create an on-site building works report then have it signed on a tablet by the client?
A: Yes, we can help you with that. We have e-signature features available so a client is able to sign the form on your tablet. You can create a report using a template then have the customer sign it to agree on terms and conditions, hours on site, etc. Then, you can push through to an invoice in Xero if required. You also have the option to hide the invoice costs on the report so that only your site staff will see it.


Featured Testimonial

“Using Formitize is the best thing I’ve ever done! Simple and really easy to use with all the Rapids Reports. Huge time saver with instant reporting. Every Pest Control business should use Formitize. My clients really love how efficient and professional my service is now that I’m powered by Formitize.”

Todd Goodwin – Owner
Intercept Termite and Pest Solutions

That’s it for now. If you’ve got questions or concerns regarding our paperless app and its amazing features, please feel free to leave a message in our blog’s comments section below.


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