Revolutionize Your Customer Experience Using Digital TechnologyNew Blog Post

12 April, 2016

According to the 2015 report from the Consumers and Mobile Financial Services, 87 percent of the U.S. adult population has a mobile phone. Out of these mobile phones, 71 percent are smartphones (Internet-enabled). This widespread use of mobile phones is changing the way consumers are using financial services, including mobile banking and mobile payments.


The Growth of Mobile Payments

According to the report, mobile phones are also changing the way consumers make payments with 22 percent of all mobile phone owners making mobile payments in 2014. About 39 percent of all mobile payment users with smartphones have made a point-of-sale payment using their mobile phone in 2014.

The report reveals that, of mobile payment users with smartphones who made point-of-sale mobile payments, 31 percent did so by scanning a barcode or QR code displayed on their phone’s screen at check out, while 22 percent used an app that did not require tapping their mobile phone or scanning a barcode.


What This Means for Your Business

This rise in mobile banking and mobile payments mean one thing – your customers are becoming mobile-friendly, which could potentially bring more business to your company. Using mobile forms, you can find out what your customers really want and, by giving them the right choices, you are putting your brand in front of more and more consumers.

A growing number of consumers are now using their smartphones for online shopping and mobile payments. So, whatever industry you’re in, it pays to be savvy in all things technology and mobile. For instance, if you operate an online store, you can use mobile apps in your website, from placing orders, to checkout, to product delivery. Every step in the sales process can be an opportunity for you to learn more about your customers’ preferences and help you gain an edge over your competitors.

Today, consumers turn to Google for help when making online purchases. This alone should be enough reason for you to try to gain a foothold in your chosen market and industry by getting your brand and company online. Your website should help you with that. Mobile solutions can also be quite helpful, especially when it comes to saving time, money and resources for your business, as well as with your branding.

Getting your brand recognized should be easy when you’re using the right tools. But first, let us formitize your paperwork and help you get rid of that dead weight in your business. Watch how easy dealing with your customers becomes as you start using smart forms in your transactions. Your customers are now using digital technology in the form of smartphones and tablets and you should too if you want massive growth for your business. Can we help you get your paperwork formitized?