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Formitize Case Study: JKD pest&carpentry

Jordan Dinsey of JKD pest&carpentry first heard about Formitize from others in his industry using Formitize. The main reason he came to Formitize in the first place was the quest for an app to handle his scheduling and account keeping/invoicing. … Read More

Formitize Case Study: Origin Pest Management

Origin Pest Management is a family owned and operated business located in Brisbane, Queensland. They are a fully licensed and insured company specialising in general pest and termite treatments. The team prides itself on professional customer service, a full service warranty and a friendly smile. … Read More

Formitize Case Study: The Flea & Tick Guys

The Flea & Tick Guys are a Townsville-based Pest Control establishment. Their team is focused on not only solving their clients’ pest problems, but also looking after the local community. Liam Doherty from The Flea & Tick Guys first heard about Formitize from others in the pest control industry using Formitize, particularly the Pest Managers’ Association Facebook page. … Read More

Formitize Case Study: Barrington Coast Pest Management

Barrington Coast Pest Management Owner Luke Jenkinson first heard about Formitize through others in his industry who were also using Formitize. Luke states, “The main reason I came to Formitize in the first place was because I needed a full CRM and document management system that had accounting software integration. At this point, I was beginning a business as a sole trader.” … Read More

Formitize Case Study: Bug Out Pest Solutions

Bug Out Pest Solutions is a locally operated, family-run and oriented business, which serves the Brisbane area. Bug Out Pest Solutions provide professional and efficient services around their clients’ schedules. The company specialises in general pest control, inspections, and termite treatments. … Read More

Removing the paper middleman in your business – the COVID trend you need to jump on

With so many cities around the world still experiencing restrictions due to COVID-19, one of the trends the Formitize team is seeing (which may be a result of work-from-home scenarios), is the increase in demand for Webforms. … Read More

New Industry-Leading Report Templates Change the Game

Aussie pest and termite managers are facing more insurance regulation and legal governance than ever before, with the pressure to accurately and efficiently capture onsite information being felt across the industry.

Formitize, an Australian pest control software company, is excited to launch a suite of custom-built pest control report templates that not only adhere to industry and Australian Standards, but are also clear and easy to navigate and understand for home and business owners … Read More