Formitize Case Study: Awesome Doors

Awesome Doors are all about offering professional, reliable, and friendly services to anyone in need of garage door repairs on the Gold Coast.

As a family owned and operated business, Awesome Doors provide old fashioned service at fair prices. They take pride in all of their work, and every job receives the same care and attention to detail.

When they make an appointment with their customers, they stick to it! They will do everything within their power to make sure they turn up when their clients are expecting them. As a courtesy, they will also give an approximation of the cost of the work they will need to do before they begin. The company never charges for unnecessary work and all their parts are sourced from reputable companies. When clients call to do a job, Awesome Doors guarantee that all parts they use are only the best available quality.

Carolyn Mitchell, from Awesome Doors first heard about Formitize through others in their industry using Formitize.

Carolyn says, “Our previous process created challenges for our business, including time delays. We came to Formitize looking for solutions such as Paperless Forms and CRM – Customer Management.”

Carolyn states, “Formitize has become a valuable asset to the day to day running of our Business. Formitize provides a valuable contribution to how our business operates.”

Carolyn says, “The Formitize Solution is great – it has made improvements to our business. Formitize is good value for money. Our Formitize solution was easy to set up. It’s a great solution that’s simple to use and easy to understand. We are currently using Paperless Forms and CRM – Customer Management.”

Carolyn states, “We also currently use these Support Tools within Formitize: Phone call/email to Client Success Manager. Formitize Support and Customer Service teams are always very responsive and helpful.”

When asked, on a Scale on 1 to 10, how likely it was that she would recommend Formitize to a friend or Colleague, Carolyn gives Formitize a ‘10.’”

Awesome Doors is reaping the benefits of going paperless with Formitize. You too can do the same with your business.
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