Formitize Case Study: Coast to Coast Pest Services

Coast to Coast Pest Services has been delivering the highest standard of professional pest management services with integrity and transparency for more than 30 years.

Proudly an Australian, family-owned and operated business, they are dedicated to providing personalised service to the communities they serve on the NSW Central Coast and Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Many of their clients have trusted them with their pest management services for many years which has seen their business steadily grow as word of their expertise and outstanding service has spread.

Coast to Coast Pest Services Owner and Managing Director, Geoff Hawes, first heard about Formitize through others in their industry who were using it. Upon realising it could be a good opportunity to improve efficiency on-site, he got in touch.

The Solution:

When Formitize took the reins, they quickly got Geoff and the Coast to Coast Pest Services Team set up with a solution that enabled:

  • Paperless Forms.
  • Job Management.
  • CRM – Customer Management.
  • Resources (Document Manager).

Formitize is now Geoff’s complete business solution which he says was easy to set up and has already made improvements to their productivity and efficiency on-site.

The Coast to Coast team has also utilised the Formitize staff and support tools available to give them the confidence and ability to use the systems.

“We used the Getting Started Guide and User Guide from the support tools. As well as this, the Formitize Support and Customer Service teams have always been very responsive and helpful.”

Geoff also added, “We were using a different software solution before we came across Formitize. We chose to make the shift due to costings differences. The previous software was too expensive compared to Formitize.”

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Formitize – making paperwork paperless.

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