Formitize Case Study: The Flea & Tick Guys

The Flea & Tick Guys: https://thefleaandtickguys.com.au/

The Flea & Tick Guys are a Townsville-based Pest Control establishment. Their team is focused on not only solving their clients’ pest problems but also looking after the local community.

Liam Doherty from The Flea & Tick Guys first heard about Formitize from others in the pest control industry using Formitize, particularly the Pest Managers’ Association Facebook page.

Liam says, “The main reason we came to Formitize in the first place is because we were looking for a solution that really matched our organisation’s needs. We were looking for an app that could handle CRM (Customer Management), Paperless Forms, and Reporting.”

Liam states, “Our previous process created so many challenges for our business, including inefficiencies, time delays, and tedious manual data entry. It was so slow – it crashed a lot.”

Liam adds, “Formitize provides a valuable contribution to how our business operates. I love the ease of access. Having quick and easy access to all the industry paperwork while I’m onsite is invaluable”.

“The Formitize Solution is great! We can see its potential to enhance our current processes and are still exploring. Formitize is amazingly easy to set up. We were up and running in no time – with a lot of great features! We are now using the Paperless Forms and Reporting in the Formitize app. Formitize is a great solution that is simple to use and easy to understand.”

Liam says, “We have used these Support Tools within Formitize: Getting Started Guide, Support Ticket, and Phone call to the Support Team. Formitize Support and Customer Service teams are always very responsive and helpful. I give them a ‘10/10!”

Liam states, “We were using a different software solution before we came across Formitize. Our old software was slow, clunky, and crashed – a lot! There’s nothing worse than clicking a button and it takes you to the wrong place or crashes. Thanks to Formitize, we are able to easily navigate through the app whilst onsite”

Liam says, “We compared Formitize to other solutions. In the end, we chose Formitize because it’s simple to use, and it’s a fast and responsive app. I would highly recommend Formitize to a friend or colleague!”

Liam’s Testimonial

Liam shares his fantastic experience with Formitize:

“I’ll keep this short and simple. Formitize saves me time. Time = money. I’ve tried the other report writing apps and pest registry apps, but Formitize stands out well above the rest. You guys are onto a good thing, keep it up, Legends.”

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