Formitize Case Study: Thompson Towing

David Thompson started Thompson Towing in the Waimakariri district of North Canterbury because there wasn’t a dedicated towing company in the area, which meant people had to wait (and pay!) for a truck to come from Christchurch. At the same time, David wanted to build a business that makes customer service a higher priority than cutting costs or taking shortcuts, where people are valued as more than just “suppliers” or “employees” and where safety is a core ethos that keeps customers, staff, and the public safe.

Thompson Towing Owner David Thompson first found out about Formitize through Xero Add Ons.

David says, “My previous process created challenges for my business, including inefficiencies, time delays, and many mistakes made. My business is a startup, but in my previous roles I faced these challenges too.”

David states, “The main reason I came to Formitize was to find these solutions: Job Scheduling and CRM – Customer Management.”

David says, “The Formitize Solution is great. It has made improvements to my business. My Formitize account was easy to set up. Formitize is an amazing value for money. I am currently using these Formitize solutions: Paperless Forms, CRM – Customer Management, Leads and Sales Pipeline, and Web Forms.”

David states, “I am using the Training Options for Virtual Screen Share Training. I am also using these Support Tools within Formitize: Phone call/email to Client Success Manager.”

David says, “Formitize Support and Customer Service is amazing! I’ve been blown away with the level of service William has delivered – he’s set a very high benchmark. I give Formitize Client Support a ‘10 out of 10.’”


David shares his thoughts on his experience with Formitize: “As a startup operating in a field (vehicle recovery) that is typified by “notes written on the back of an envelope” types of systems, I wanted to introduce a very high level of efficiency and customer service as my major point of difference.”

“Formitize has allowed me to develop a job booking and communication system that is far and away the best I’ve encountered. I’ve had outstanding customer service and every time I raise a problem it gets solved immediately. I honestly couldn’t recommend Formitize highly enough for anyone wanting to develop streamlined and professional business systems.”

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