Formitize Case Study: Xterminator Feral Solutions

Xterminator Feral Solutions: https://www.xterminator.com.au/

Xterminator Feral Solutions are composed of Night Vision pest control specialists with high tech equipment.

Xterminator Feral Solutions operates predominantly throughout the South Coast of New South Wales. Their staff are primarily based around the areas of Nowra, Berry, Ulladulla, and Wollongong but have traveled as far South as the Snowy Mountains and as far North West as Lightning Ridge NSW to service their Clients.

Xterminator Feral Solutions Owner, Michael Squires first found out about Formitize through an online search on Digital Forms.

Michael says, “The main reason I came to Formitize in the first place was because I wanted to add efficiency and scalability. I was looking for these solutions: CRM – Customer Management, Getting Things Done on Site, Job Management, Job Scheduling, Leads and Sales Pipeline, Paperless Forms, and Reporting.”

Michael states, “Our previous process created a number of challenges for our business including Inefficiencies, Paperwork Getting Lost, Delayed Payments, and Tedious, manual data entry. I knew that I was heading for a cliff with these challenges, that’s why I signed up for Formitize.”

Michael says, “Formitize is good value for money. We are currently using these Formitize Modules: Accounting – Invoicing, Quotes and Payments, CRM – Customer Management, Document Management (Resources), Job Management, Job Scheduling, Leads and Sales Pipeline, Paperless Forms, Reporting, and Web Forms.”

Michael states, “We have used these Support Tools within Formitize: 30 Minute Walkthrough Tour, Demonstration Videos, Getting Started Guide, Support Ticket, User Guide, and User Guide Question.”

Michael says, “Formitize Support and Customer Service teams are very responsive and always very helpful.”

Michael states, “I compared Formitize to multiple solutions before I made the decision to use Formitize. I chose Formitize over the other solutions because of the good response I got from the account manager.”

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