Formitize Feature Update: Add New Locations from New Job Page

Do you need a more efficient way to get things done in your business? There are many ways to make your system more effective and productive. One of them is using a paperless app that does most of the work for you. This is where Formitize can help you. We formitize your existing paper forms for you so you can use mobile forms that are easy to complete and update.

You can assign digital forms as part of a job to your mobile workforce, which they can use when they visit your customers in the field. You have the guarantee that your paperless forms are constantly updated with the latest versions. At Formitize, we’re constantly improving our systems to better serve you.



New Feature: Add New Locations

Formitize introduces a new feature this month. You can now add new locations from the job page and trigger instant communications.


How It Works

When creating a new Job, once you have selected the Billing Name, the Location field populates with all known locations for that contact ready for you to select. You can now also create a new location for the contact by choosing “+ Add New Location” from the dropdown. A modal will appear to collect the new location details and the CRM will be updated with the new location.

This Feature is quite useful in the field, especially if you’ve got a mobile workforce working on jobs right at your customers’ doorsteps.

Learn more about our new feature and how Formitize can help you streamline your business processes. Start your Free 30-day Trial Today!


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