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Your website is your Shop Front.
If it’s not great, customers will just move on.


So let’s make it awesome!

And fully integrated with Formitize.

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The Potting Shed Agency is part of the Formitize family and for more than twenty years has been on a mission to help small businesses with:

  • Brilliant Branding
  • Engaging Websites, and
  • Growth Marketing

Everything you would expect…

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Fast-loading websites for the best first impression

We create our websites on a best-in-class infrastructure to make sure your message is delivered to your potential customers as fast as possible.

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Get seen by everyone, wherever they are

A responsive website eliminates physical barriers to customers and adapts to their needs. A single change updates the site universally, crucial with multiple browsing options.

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Google Ready

Built to be found and to bring in leads

Our websites are built with Google in mind. We know how important it is to be found and therefore our entire, superfast infrastructure is built with this in mind. You'll be found by those that matter.

Website Edit and Add

Edit & Add

The power is yours! Easy and Visual Editing.

Easily add and edit pages yourself. Things change, that's why your website needs to change with it. With Formitize' websites the power is in your hands to change content with an easy to use editor.

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Built from the ground up for Accessibility and Compliance

Formitize websites are made to work everywhere, for the comfort and accessibility of as many people as possible as fast and efficient as possible.

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Super Secure

Rock-solid and secure web hosting and management

Formitize offers a secure, scalable cloud server maintained by their team, with a rigorous backup and disaster recovery plan to ensure website security and availability.

Contact Us - Connected

Contacts Auto Added to your CRM

When someone fills in your website Contact Us form, a new Contact is automatically created in your CRM as a “Website Contact”, and you receive a “New Contact Alert” instantly by email or SMS.


Quick Quote

Quote > Lead > Job > Invoice > Payment!

When a new customer clicks on your website Quick Quote button, a new Lead in the Sales Pipeline is automatically created for you along with a new Contact in your CRM instantly! 

Customise Forms

Feedback & Other Webforms

Functional, specialized smart forms on your website

Feedback Forms, Safety Forms. Application Forms and so many others can be customised and added to your website for your customers, staff and applicants to complete. When the Webform is completed, a full suite of Submitted Form Actions can instantly trigger.

Request a Job

Job requests auto-populate Formitize Jobs

Your website “Request a Job” feature enables your customers to book an Unassigned Job in your Job Scheduler.


Industry Knowledge

We've done the thinking for you

With industry-focused templates, we've used our years of experience working with various industries to prepare templates that will work best for you and your customers and work the best between your demographic and Formitize.

Client Portal

Your clients will love you!

Client Portal Icon

Client Portal

The awesome new Formitize Client Portal is in final testing and almost ready to go live >



View and Accept Quotes & Request a new Quote



View and Pay Invoices



View Job Cards and Reports & Request a New Job



View finished PDF-style Reports from completed Jobs

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View and download high-quality photo images from their Forms/Reports

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Online Agreements

Streamlined Smart Agreements

If your business has Online Agreements, Applications, Sign-Offs, these can all be added to your website.

When the online Webform is completed in your website, all of the Submitted Form Actions are available to send emails, SMS messages or start a Workflow within your Formitize platform.

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Our website experts, The Potting Shed Agency are looking forward to building your website
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