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Invoices Paid Instantly!

PayNow makes it as easy as possible for your customers to pay you instantly using the payment method they prefer.

Apple Pay*, Google Pay*, Debit and Credit Card payments all beautifully integrated.

PayNow - Instant, Simple, Safe.

More Options means Faster Payments!
With Apple Pay, Google Pay and Cards

The more options you give your customers to pay, the faster you will get paid.

Now you can Email, SMS or QR code share your invoices with PayNow and your customers can choose how they prefer to pay.

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Step 1

Share the Invoice

Get paid there and then!

PayNow enables you to share invoices with your customer instantly using:

  • QR Code
  • SMS Message
  • Email, or
  • Client Portal* 

Super fast, efficient and secure.

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Step 2

Customer Pays Invoice

Your customers can pay your invoices instantly using the payment method they prefer:

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Traditional methods

By letting your customers pay you the way they prefer, you’re more likely to get paid faster while making the experience easier and more secure than ever for them. 

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Step 3

Everything Updated

  • Your customers automatically receive a Paid Invoice receipt
  • Your Invoice status is auto-updated to Paid
  • With Xero and QuickBooks integrations, your accounting is automatically updated. 
  • With the Client Portal add-on, your customers can view or pay their invoices at any time that suits them, saving you even more time!


All Purpose Pest

What our clients think

We have been using 'PAYNOW' for a week now, and it's clear that we're getting paid more quickly by the owners. Our onsite technicians have reported that owners find it easy to use and appreciate the convenience of paying with Apple Pay. It's definitely worthwhile to implement this into your business.

Jess - All Purpose Pest


QR Codes

The Safe Payment Link

With PayNow enabled QR codes can be automatically added to your Invoice PDFs. 

So, in addition to the payment link, your customers can also scan the QR code on their PDF Invoice to open up all of the PayNow options. 

Stripe Account Setup

Easy setup for fast payments 

Setting up your Stripe account for seamless integration with Formitize PayNow is a breeze! Follow our step-by-step video guide to get started quickly and effortlessly. Manage payments efficiently and securely, ensuring a smooth experience for both you and your clients. Watch now and simplify your payment process with ease.


"Formitize has become a key partner for Flying Woks. With the addition of their new PayNow feature, our procedures have been streamlined even further. Our quotes are converted faster into jobs and customers are served even better than before”

Anton Hooton
Director, Flying Woks Australia Pty Ltd

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PayNow also available
In the Client Portal

No more “lost in the mail”, “spam folders” or “wrong bank details”!

With the Client Portal add-on, your customers can view and pay their Invoices (or Accept Quotes) instantly at any time of the day or night.

See when Invoices are viewed and get alerted when Invoices are paid.

Fast, simple and safe.


Quick Answers to your PayNow questions

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