Now you can run reports on anything!

One of the biggest advantages of smart forms is data reporting.

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Lightning-fast access to all the information you need. 

With Formitize Reporting, you can get a high-level overview of your performance or get into the details. Give clarity to every part of your business.

Data Power

Create reports on any single form field in seconds

Word documents, Triplicate Pads, PDF forms and other traditional form formats lack one very powerful element – data reporting.

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The Power of Form Data

Imagine if you were able to unleash the data contained in the forms you complete. To be able to run a report on any field or question in any form. Formitize smart forms enable every single form field response to be available for reporting purposes and the opportunities are suddenly endless. 

Pre set templates

Saving pre-set templates

If you think you may use the report you created again, simply save it as a template and it will be available for future use.

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Your Data,
Use it your way

Once the report is complete, it can be saved and downloaded as a CSV file. The file can be formatted to upload to external solutions or can be used for charting or further Business Intelligence.

Download CSV

Integration Formats

The Report Builder enables you to create CSV files in exactly the format needed for import into other solutions making form data integration available for any third party system. XML and other related integration services are also available.

Data Transformed

Clarity Achieved

Now you have the ability to investigate and understand any single aspect of the data you collect and it really is so easy. You will find so many beneficial applications in no time at all.

Give your business the edge