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Quotes Accepted

QuoteAccept ensures you get your quotes accepted as soon as possible. 

Using their phone, tablet or computer, your customers can view and instantly accept your quotes wherever they are at any time.
QuoteAccept  - Accelerating Sales.

Share Quotes Faster
Win More Business. Simple.

The faster you can get a Quote to a customer, the more likely you are to win the business.

Now you can use Email, SMS or QR codes to share your Quote instantly and enable your clients to Accept with a simple click!

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Step 1

Share the Quote

Quote Accepted instantly!

QuoteAccept enables you to share Quotes with your customer instantly using:

  • QR Code
  • SMS Message
  • Email
  • Client Portal* 
  • Fast, efficient and secure.
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Step 2

Customer Accepts Quote

Your customers can instantly view and accept your Quotes on the spot

Quotes can be viewed on computer or mobile devices so easily anytime, anywhere with the option to add a Purchase Order number.

No more printing, signing, scanning and delays.

Quote Accept gets your Quotes accepted faster.


Step 3

Everything Updated

  • Your customers automatically receive a confirmation message
  • You can receive an Accepted alert by email or SMS.
  • Your Quote status is auto-updated to “Accepted”
  • With just a click you can then convert the Quote to an Invoice or Job.
  • With the Client Portal add-on, your customers can view or accept their Quotes & Invoices at any time that suits them, saving you even more time!



QR Codes

The Safe Quote Link

With QuoteAccept enabled QR codes can be automatically added to your Quote PDFs. 

So, in addition to the Accept link, your customers can also scan the QR code on their PDF Quote to accept the Quote instantly.


QuoteAccept also available In the Client Portal

No more “lost in the mail”, “spam folders” or “wrong email details”!

With the Client Portal add-on, your customers can view and accept your Quotes (or pay your Invoices) instantly at any time of the day or night.

See when Quotes are viewed and get alerted when they are Accepted.

Fast, simple and safe.

Quick Answers to your QuoteAccept questions

Give your business the edge