Make the most of every sales enquiry

Smart automation and accessibility converts more business every day.

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Create leads, follow-up automatically and sell more with nothing falling between the cracks.

Without a system in place, it's so easy to forget about a lead or run out of time to follow up on an inquiry.

The Pipeline can be aligned to the different ways you sell. Every lead is stored and can be automatically followed up with full visibility of every opportunity and the stage it is up to.

Of course, the huge advantage is that the Pipeline automatically links to the other Formitize modules including CRM, Jobs and Accounts.




Sales Pipeline Management

Everything you need to grow your business

from your mobile phone or tablet

New leads
New Leads
Add a new lead in seconds in the app or desktop for a new or existing customer. A new CRM contact is created automatically to save time.
Voice To Text
Voice to Text
Use Voice to Text to add detailed information to new opportunities and lead notes. So easy to use in the field or in the office.
Intergrated CRM
Integrated to CRM
All leads and the sales pipeline are fully integrated with the CRM to save time and manage everything in one place. CRM contacts are automatically created from new leads.
Awesome Integration
Instant Conversion
Convert Leads to Quote, Job or Invoice in seconds with all information carried through. Automated Assistants will chase up leads for you through the Pipeline Manager.
Pipeline Manager
Pipeline Manager
Create customised pipeline stages to suit your business. Automated emails, sms and notifications can be triggered based on the pipeline stage with full dashboard.
Sales Grow
Watch Sales Grow
Maximise every sales lead or enquiry with automated follow up and integrated pipeline. Create and assign tasks manually or by automated workflows.
Capture Leads

Capture the Lead

Capture all inbound leads and enquiries quickly and easily ensuring all leads are in the one place and accessible from the app or desktop. All Leads will also be automatically added to your CRM to avoid re-entry.

Simplified ScreensB Pipeline Stages

Pipeline Stages

Create custom Pipeline Stages to reflect the way your sales process works. See the status of every lead and slide and click to move the lead from one stage to another.

Leads Swap Call SMS

Swipe to Call, SMS
or Email

Slide and click to call, sms or email the enquiry so quickly and easily. All details recorded against the lead to ensure nothing is missed.

Notes Voice Text

Notes with Voice to Text

Add notes and details to the Lead using keypad or even easier, Voice to Text. All notes are time, date and user stamped to build a history on the enquiry.


Slide Convert to Invoice

Convert to Quote, Invoice or Job

Slide and click to convert the lead to a quote, invoice or job with ease. The history of the lead is maintained all the way through from lead creation to invoice payment.

Multitask Guy

Automated Lead Nurture

Create customised communications that trigger automatically as your lead moves through the different pipeline stages. Send automated messages by email, or SMS to help convert more business.

Convert to Invoice

View Lead Results

When viewing Leads in the App, coloured tabs show the current pipeline stage and conversion success to Quote, Job or Invoice.

Full Pipeline Visibility

The Sales Pipeline provides an instant real-time view on all of your sales leads and adjusts the value of the pipeline based on the stage of each enquiry.

Smart Auto Assistants

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