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Super Smart Mobile Forms

Transform to a paperless business with instant templates from our FormBank or simply use the drag and drop Form Builder to build the perfect forms for your business.

• Sign on screen
• Photo & Drawing Tool
• Database Lookups
• Smart Logic & Calculations
• Required Questions
• Integration & Workflows
• And so much more

Kick your sales goals with Formitize Proposals

Impress your clients and convert business like never before with live online Proposals and Agreements.

• On screen signature
• Real-time visibility
• Required Fields
• Smart Logic & Calculations
• Required Questions
• Integration & Workflows
• And so much more

Automated Job Management to get the most from your day

Incredible visibility, automated reminders & updates with so many features to help streamline your job management

Schedule from Desktop or App
• Route Guidance & Travel Record
• Running Late Notification
• Real-time Status Updates
• Future Appointment reminders
• Integrated Safety & Smart Forms
• Quote, Invoice & Take Payment
• Job History & Time Log

Keep your team safe - in the office and in the field.

It’s time to get your health & safety forms and processes paperless and compliant

• Simple to use
• FormBank templates ready to go
• Drag and drop form builder to customise
• Safety Document Library
• Compliance Register
• Integrated Task Management
• Instant Reporting & Archiving

Safety Form for iphone X

Access your documents anywhere, anytime!

No more carrying around folders of outdated information. Everyone has access to latest versions, all the time.

• Safe & Secure
• Permission based access
• View from app or desktop
• Customise Folders
• Automated Expiry Management
• Full version control

Accounts Module

Accounts now beautifully Connected!

Instantly generate Quotes, Invoices and Purchases in seconds. Use stand alone or integrate beautifully with existing software like Xero!

• Add Photos & Attachments
• Add Signatures
• Take Card Payment
• Integrate with Jobs
• Full visibility in CRM
• Automated Quote Follow-up
• Automated Invoice Chasing

Zero and formitize integration

Next generation Asset Management

Managing your assets is about to get a whole lot smarter! So flexible, so integrated and so simple to use.

• Full Asset Register
• Customisable Asset Types
• Mobile & Location based Assets
• Integrate with Recurring Jobs
• Integrate with custom Forms
• Link to Client, Location & Zone
• Full QR code integration

Maximise every enquiry and drive sales through the roof!

Never let another sales lead slip through the cracks. Every opportunity and lead tracked from start to finish.

• Customise Pipeline Stages
• Instant convert to Quote, Invoice or Job
• Create & manage on Desktop or App
• Automated Lead Nurture
• Online Proposals & Agreements
• Integrated CRM
• Awesome Visibility

Keep on top of business operations with smart Tasks

Everything organised, assigned and managed.

• Full Task Management Dashboard
• Manage from Desktop or App
• Integrated with full CRM
• Integrated with Forms & Jobs
• Automated Triggers

All the info at your fingertips with Formitize Reporting.

One of the huge advantages of smart forms is that you can report on absolutely everything and gain intelligence that just wasn’t possible before.

• Report on any single form field
• Custom reports to suit your needs
• Automated reports to trigger at set times
• Full CRM reporting
• Integration options
• Questions answered with just a few clicks!

Keep everything above board with Workflows in Formitize

Get your inner nerd on with Worflows in Formitize and manage any multi-stage compliance process. Perfect for Non-Compliance Management, Incident or Near Miss Reporting.

• Customisable Forms
• Customise Register Stages
• Notifications
• Audit Logs

Now bring everything together into one place with the CRM

Some CRM’s manage customers, others manage jobs – now you can do it all (and a whole lot more) in one place!

• Customer Relationship Management
• Contact Management
• Notes & Task Management
• Job Management
• Forms & Document Management
• Asset Management
• Quoting & Invoice Management
• Integrated Call, Email and SMS
Manage from Desktop and App

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