How to Schedule Your People and Assets Using Formitize Scheduler

2 February, 2016

Do you encounter technical problems each time you assign new jobs to your mobile workforce? Do you find it difficult to keep tabs of your staff and their assigned jobs every day? Is it total chaos in your office because you can’t keep track of who’s doing what and where they are right now? If this is the current scenario at your workplace, then perhaps it’s time you use the Formitize Scheduler.


What is the Formitize Scheduler?

The Formitize Scheduler lets you schedule all of your People in one clean, simple and really easy-to-follow calendar-based scheduler. The Scheduler is cloud based – meaning multiple people can work simultaneously on the Scheduler from anywhere in the world. Everything is completely paperless so you won’t have to deal with messy paperwork.

Now you can easily manage your people and assets using the Formitize Scheduler. It’s an easy-to-use alternative to manually keeping track of your employees. The Scheduler lets you create and assign new jobs so you can stay in the loop with just a few clicks of a button.


Creating a New Job

You can create a New Job quickly and easily by either:
1) Clicking the “New Job” button; or
2) By opening a New Job directly onto the Scheduler with a “click and drag” in the location / user coordinates where you want to create the new job.


As you move the cursor, the time and date are visible, simply click where you want the job to start and drag to when you expect the job to finish. Once you complete the click and drag, the Job Sheet will automatically open, ready for you to add any other items such as Job Number.

Add additional People to a Job by simply dragging the new person’s name from the People menu on the left and dropping it on to the created Job in the Scheduler. The original person assigned to the Job will be called the “Job Leader” and associated smart forms will be sent to that person only. The Job Status for the Job Leader will be in full colour while the Status for additional people assigned to the same job will be a lighter tint of the original colour. All colours and tints change together as the status of the job changes.

It’s great to have your people scheduled, but you also need to ensure the right equipment is available to do the Job, so we have added an Asset section to the scheduler. Assets include any items such as Cars, Trucks, Trailers, Equipment – any Asset you use and need to Schedule. Add Assets to a job by simply dragging the Asset Name from the Asset list on the left on to the created Job in the People section. If you move the Job, all linked people and assets move with it.

Just imagine how simple your life can be with the Formitize Scheduler. Learn more ways to enhance your business workflow by going paperless in just a few easy steps. Formitize your paperwork.