What Formitize Users Can Do Using Paperless Technology

12 June, 2018

Now that you’ve started on your pathway to paperless technology, you should get to know your new App and how it can benefit you and your business. At Formitize, we focus on serving you, our customer, to the best of our ability. We offer a vast array of features and benefits that are sure to save you time.

For newbies, we offer the best introduction possible – a Free Trial that you can enjoy for a month! It’s free, we won’t even ask for your payment details to get started! There is no obligation and you can cancel at any time. Once you activate your Free Trial, you will surely enjoy what we have to offer. We can convert your existing work into smart mobile forms that you can use right away. But firstly, get to know the lingo. Introducing Formitize Users!


What are Users?

A User is anyone that is accessing the Formitize solution at any time in any way. Some Users will only use the secure web-based Management Portal, others will use the mobile App and some will use both.


What are the different User Types?

There are 3 User types:
1. Administrator – has full account authority
2. Portal User – has access to both the App and the Management Portal. The Administrator can decide what access, visibility and permissions the Portal User has.
3. Field User – has access to the mobile App only. The Administrator can decide what access, visibility and permissions the App User has.


What are User Groups?

User groups enable you to segment your users into different categories. You can create different User Groups and then assign individual Users to one or more Groups. Groups are a useful way to assign different Forms and Resources to different user types. For example you may have a Technical Team and a Sales Team that use different forms and resources. To avoid confusion you can create a Technical Group and a Sales Group, assign the Users to the relevant Group and then assign the Forms and Resources to the relevant Group so that Users can only view items relevant to their job role. You can also filter the scheduler to show different User Groups.

As a Formitize user, you open up a world of possibilities.



Simply start a Free Trial today.