3 Reasons to Use Mobile Apps for Payments in Your Small Business

Running your small business can be quite the challenge at times, but you, like other entrepreneurs, love what you do. You’re constantly finding new ways to improve your systems and processes, removing dead weights and bottlenecks to enhance customer experience with your company. Today’s technology offers you a variety of ways to do just that. One of these is the use of mobile apps for payments in your business.



Here are the top 3 reasons why you should use mobile apps for payments in your small business:

1. Convenience
Your customers want fast and efficient service. Using mobile apps can help you deliver that and more. Formitize is a paperless solution that enables you to take card payments in the field so your mobile workforce won’t have to come into the office and use your cash register. They can simply use their smart phone or tablet to process mobile payments via the app.

2. Flexibility
Formitize uses mobile payments that lets you take credit cards so you and your staff can take payments in the field. Plus, you can send invoices and receipts instantly, while doing the transaction. Formitize easily integrates with other mobile apps such as Xero and Quickbooks so that you can use existing customer data with the app.

3. Great Customer Experience
Your customers will notice and soon appreciate your quick and professional service, as your field agents are able to complete jobs in the field using mobile forms in their smart phone or tablet right up to taking mobile payments. Because they are able to meet your customers’ needs faster, they now have more time to attend to your customers’ other desires. This results in a vast improvement in customer experience with your company, which translates into more business for you as you get returning clients and word of mouth advertising to boot!


Why Use Mobile Apps?

Using mobile apps in your business is not just beneficial for you and your customers. Your entire organization will reap the benefits when you make the switch to paperless solutions. It’s not only useful for payments, but also for other areas of your business. Collecting customer data becomes a breeze when your mobile workforce start using smart forms to gather information. Dispatching jobs becomes fast and easy from start to finish when you use mobile forms to process jobs. Everything is in your management portal, ready for you to use and reuse as many times as you want.

Formitize makes everything quick and easy to use with user-friendly features that you can customize to suit your needs. Let us formitize your paperwork and show you how easy running your small business can be – from the first client call to collecting mobile payments. Our mobile app will do the heavy lifting for you so you can sit back, relax and watch as your business grows and takes flight right before your very eyes. Can we help you get your paperwork formitized?

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