5 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Mobile Forms

Working on your business becomes more fun and easy the moment you choose to go paperless. Usually you have to deal with pesky paperwork riddled with human errors, and all the tedious labour that comes with it – but all of these niggles go away when you start using mobile forms.

At Formitize, we’ve made it our sole purpose to help business owners like you enhance existing processes by going paperless.

Here are 5 reasons why you should start using mobile forms in your business:

1. Save Money

Going paperless means you virtually stop using paper, printers, and other paperwork-related equipment. Obviously, there’s still instances where paper may be required, so while it might not be eliminated completely, the overall savings would make a huge difference in the long-term by cutting out the majority of money spent on paper and printer services. You’ll also be able to save money by going paperless as you’ll see increases in efficiency, a reduction in errors, and a boost in productivity across all areas of your business.

2. Collect and Share Information in Real-Time.

The amazing ‘real time’ feature in Formitize enables you to gather data and share it with your mobile workforce or customers instantaneously – no more waiting for anyone to complete the paperwork, and no more lugging around heavy manuals and catalogues. All you need is a smartphone or tablet and you’re all set. Now you can share mobile forms, generate, submit or receive reports anytime, anywhere.

3. Save Time and Increase Efficiency in Your Business.

Mobile forms improve efficiency in every department in your organisation. Time freed up for other tasks is greatly enhanced, giving your team members the space to spend on other more important tasks like improving the experience for your customers’. This means happy clients as your workforce can be more hands-on with paperwork removed from the equation

4. Improve Data Collection Quality.

Going paperless removes human error from the equation so you’re guaranteed accurate data collection all the time. You now have tools for accurate data collection at your disposal. To give an example, you can use GPS, automatic barcode scanning, the drawing tool, image capture, and other integrations to make information gathering easier and more secure.

5. Reduce Your Business’ Carbon Footprint.

When you go paperless, you eliminate the use of paper, printers, and shredders, meaning your business becomes more environmentally-friendly. Removing paper from your daily grind allows you to save on trees and other resources as you now use mobile forms in your smartphone or tablet.

Even though adjustments are always hard, change is ultimately good and necessary for our growth. And, if you were to make the move, the team at Formitize would make sure your transition to paperless would be as hassle-free as possible. So, what have you got to lose? Give yourself back the time and resources to focus on the ones that matter – your customers. They will be big beneficiaries of a move to paperless as well as you and your team.

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