Announcing Formitize CRM – Manage your Customer Contacts, Tasks, Schedules, Jobs, Documents and more – All in One Simple Solution

Due to huge customer demand, a fully integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module is being added to the Formitize solution to automate customer communications, invoicing and a whole lot more and it goes live 31st January 2017!

Matt Burge, CEO at Formitize said, “We received so many requests for a CRM solution, we finally gave in. Clients told us they love Formitize but if we could add a CRM module, they wouldn’t need to use anything else – so we have!”

So many customer management solutions are either too basic and don’t have any smart functionality, or are way too complicated to even set up, let alone use. Formitize have been working away in the background to deliver a solution that is super smart using many automated features, but just as importantly, is super easy to use.

The Customer Page is broken up into 3 clear sections so that all related information is available on the one page: Contact Details, Communications and Activity.



Features of the powerful new CRM include:

  • Create Customers with the ability to include Multiple Contacts and Multiple Locations with Customizable Tags for each contact Type, Status and Source.
  • Easily add Customer Notes and Conversation Details for awesome record keeping and create Tasks using the note and call details.
  • Create, Assign and Manage Tasks to ensure nothing is ever missed. Tasks can be manually created or automated with full history maintained.
  • Setup Automated Reminders – combining Email, SMS and Letter to maximise repeat business and client communication. Reminders can be sent to both customers and internal team members.
  • Send automated Job Update Notifications and delight your customers with real-time updates on the job status from creation to completion via SMS, Email and Letter.
  • Manage Leads and Enquiries with ease to win more business and never lose an enquiry again.
  • Create Integrated Quotes in seconds.
  • Convert Quotes to Invoices with one click.
  • Full Xero Integration enables you to instantly see what has been invoiced, view any outstanding balances for that client, create new customer and supplier invoices.
  • Store Client Documents such as Agreements and Site Plans in the Client file for easy access and reference.
  • View the Status and Detail of all Jobs related to the customer – completed, current and future.
  • View the Status and Detail of all Submitted Forms and Reports related to the customer.


Powerful Automation will improve professionalism, deliver huge efficiencies and delight customers

Formitize CRM has a range of powerful automations that not only take away so many of the menial tasks related to running a business but add so many benefits at the same time.


Job Type Status Updates

Create different, customized communications that will automatically be sent through a combinations of email, SMS, Tasks or letter that are auto-triggered as the job moves through the different stages from creation to completion. Examples include:

  • A simple SMS to a Team Leader when a job becomes Overdue;
  • A Welcome Email to the client that outlines the services to be completed and includes a photo of the technician that will be visiting them on Thursday at 10am; and
  • A Task auto-assigned to a team member to call the client for a satisfaction survey when the job hits “Complete” status.

Each different Job Type can have its own customized communications and you can customize the content of the Reminders using placeholders to pull CRM information into your reminders

The end result is a fantastic level of communication with the customer and your internal team to keep them updated and informed, every step of the way. Keep them as simple, or make them as complex as you chose.


Job Type Future Reminders

Maximize the value of future business by setting up automated Job Reminders for each different Job Type to ensure both your customers and internal team are reminded about future appointments.

As with the Job Status Updates, the Future Reminders can be sent as a combination of emails, SMS, Letters or internal Tasks created and each different Job Type can have different automated Future Reminders. Examples include:

  • A courtesy SMS to to remind your weekly maintenance client that you will be there tomorrow at 8am and thank them again for their business;
  • A Letter to remind your Annual Inspection client that their inspection is due the following month with an automated follow up reminder email 7 days before the inspection is due; and
  • A Task automatically assigned to a team member to call the client the day before the inspection is due to confirm.

Additional CRM features include: Job Tracking, Cloud Scheduler, Accounts (Invoices and Expenses) with full Xero Integration and Reporting modules.

The CRM will be available to all clients globally on the 31st January 2017.


Formitize – making paperwork paperless.

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