Announcing “GPS Place MapMarker” – Powerful Mapping GPS Feature to Improve Location Accuracy

The GPS coordinates generated with the standard Formitize GPS functionality is more than enough for most businesses. However certain businesses or project requirements demand a higher level of location accuracy that is difficult to achieve with variable internet, satellite and mobile device quality.



New GPS Place MapMarker

Formitize have overcome this issue with the powerful new Mapping GPS Place MapMarker feature.


The solution is built into the Address Form field and is very simple to use:

Step 1
Rather than having to manually enter an address, with Formitize you simply select the “Fetch” button and the address will auto populate. The GPS coordinates automatically populate underneath the address bar.

Step 2
To check the co-ordinates or positional accuracy, select the “Show Map” button. This will present your location on a Map View.

Step 3
To improve the accuracy of your location, simply drag and drop the pin marker or touch the correct location on the map to move the pin marker. The coordinates will automatically update for you.

Step 4
You can check your placement or improve accuracy further using the Satellite option in the top left corner of the screen to provide a visual satellite image of your selected location.

Step 5
When you are satisfied with the accuracy of the marker, select “Save” and you will be returned to your form with the coordinates and address auto-updated.

Another smart solution to lead the world in mobile data collection solutions.


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