Automated PDF and Email Subject Naming

24 January, 2017

Name your PDF Reports and Email Subjects Using Free Text, Form Field Details and More.

Another powerful customization tool has been added to the Form Actions enabling integrated naming.


Custom Name PDF Reports

Clients now have the ability to custom name the PDF Reports and Email Subjects using either Free Text, Form Field Results, User Details and Form ID details (or a combination of them all).

Accurate and Descriptive naming of both PDF Reports and Email Subject Lines makes searching and identifying fast and meaningful. Clients can choose the form fields that they think will best describe the document or process. The PDF and Email Subject can be the same or completely different, it is fully customizable.


How it Works

Importantly, this new options is super simple to achieve. To locate Form Actions, go to Forms > View Forms and select the Form you wish to add the Action details too. Then select Actions from the Sub Menu. Actions are events that can be auto-triggered when a form is submitted.

Just another way Formitize helps you to save time and run your business even better.