Formitize Tip: How to Set up Automated Future Reminders

4 December, 2020
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Have you ever been late for a task or job because you forgot to schedule it in your calendar? Formitize ensures you will never forget an important task or job again, thanks to Automated Future Reminders.

Take things to another level in your business by using our Automated Reminders feature. These reminders can be sent at different times to your phone, email, or even by letter if the occasion calls for it. They can be triggered before or after each job has been completed.


What are Future Reminders?

Future Reminders let you maximise the value of future business. You can set these automated reminders up for each different job type, ensuring both your customers and the internal team are reminded about future appointments.


How many Future Reminders can I have for each job type? Is there a limit?

Nope! You can have as many Future Reminders for each job type as you wish.


How do I set up Future Reminders?

Internal tasks and automated reminders can be created in Formitize to be sent out by your method of choice. You can also customise the content of these messages using placeholders to pull CRM information into your reminders.


What are Invoice Reminders?

The Invoice Reminders feature allows you to create a customised message which can be automatically sent out to customers with invoice or outstanding invoice reminders and information. This means that when it’s been X amount of hours, days, or months either before the due date or after the invoice is due, they will automatically chase those outstanding invoices for you.

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What are Quote Reminders?

Quote Reminders allows you to add multiple future outstanding reminders for quotes that have not yet been converted to a job or an invoice.

Automated future reminders help make your life so much easier. By removing the manual line of organising reminders and writing them up one by one, a paperless system will do it for you, giving you back the time to focus on your core business.

Fomitize has been the catalyst of transformation for countless businesses around the world.

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