When is the Best Time to Introduce an Integrated Business Platform?

17 February, 2022

All over the world, businesses have struggled with the constant push and pull of being in and out of lockdowns, seemingly back to back.

Depending on the lockdown stage, businesses require different tools to adapt seamlessly and efficiently.

Luckily, Formitize has a solution that is ideal for each phase, regardless of the state of the world or your business.

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Planning Phase

Since the start of the lockdown, organisations have had to re-imagine working environments. Where possible, many have turned to working from home, moving communications to Zoom or Slack, and embracing a paperless operation. Currently, in countries like Canada, Australia, and certain regions of the U.S., working from home is still common.

Aside from readjusting to different work styles, lockdowns have opened up opportunities for businesses to uncover new strategies that will help them plan for the ‘new normal’ future.

Capturing new sales has moved up in priority for organisations to stay afloat. As a result, businesses need to ensure that all important documents they’re sending to potential clients are easily accessible for various staff members across any number of locations on every device.

In a world where there is a high demand for user-friendly digital tools, businesses need to make the best first impression with their technology and keep everyone in the business on the same page.

Formitize’s online Proposals feature allows businesses to convert customers in an easy, paperless solution that will impress even the most tech-savvy clients.

Using the drag and drop form builder, you can customise your Proposals to send for agreement, and clients can easily sign on-screen using their phone, tablet, or desktop.

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Coming out of lockdown

Once a lockdown is over, and the trackies are replaced with proper work trousers, it’s time to move out of your home office.

While many workplaces have welcomed staff back to the office, this has come with a period of readjustment. To get through this period smoothly, one thing is key: communication. Communicating with customers when you’re back in the office, whether or not you’re having face-to-face meetings or any other relevant information about how you’re operating.

Having one comprehensive and easy-to-use tool that contains all customer contact information and makes communicating with them fast and effortless will make this transition seamless. It will also mean the entire team is singing from the same hymnbook.

Using Formitize’s CRM, you’ll have instant access to all of your customers’ contact details and be quickly able to contact them via phone call, email, or SMS.

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Lockdown is over

Once you’ve made it through the lockdown and re-established your office routine, there are still inevitable changes that will take place.

Businesses globally have undergone significant evolution, and there is now a demand for convenience and flexibility.

Formitize’s all-inclusive platform allows businesses to schedule, manage, and view jobs at the touch of a button. With the accounts module, users can fully integrate quotes, invoices, and purchases and even set up automatic invoice chasing, so a payment never slips through the cracks.

No matter where you are in the world or at what stage of lockdown or restrictions you are currently trying to manage, Formitize will always have a solution.

The Formitize Platform includes a whole range of smart and paperless Business Modules that can work independently or beautifully together. And we are constantly updating and adding modules and features to keep up with our ever-changing world.

Book a demo or start a free trial and see how Formitize can help your business become a smarter business.

See how Formitize can help your business become a smarter business.