How to Boost Your Company’s Sales Using Mobile Forms

8 December, 2020
How to boost your company's sales using Formitize mobile forms

Keeping track of and managing sales in your business is typically a nightmare. But, as part of Formitize’s comprehensive paperless solution, meeting sales targets and staying on top of everything just got a whole lot easier. Here’s how you can boost your sales using Formitize:

Track your sales team's progress in real time

Create a Sales Plan

To achieve your sales goals, you need to have a sales plan. So firstly, set some smart goals, and then put a well thought out plan in place. Without a plan, your sales team would be directionless – plans act as the guideline for your staff to go off when working towards targets.

Once you’ve put together your sales plan, you need to document it and review it constantly – this is what Formitize can help you do. Implement your sales plan from start to finish using our powerful paperless business solution to stay up to date on your sales team’s performance at all times.

Traditional forms lack data reporting

Monitor Your Sales Team’s Performance

Formitize allows you to track your sales team’s progress in real time. Job updates can be sent to your sales team as the job moves through its different stages as well, meaning everybody is always in the loop and knows what part of the sales process things are at. Updates can be sent by text, email, or notification, keeping everybody up to date, all the time.

Your sale steam will thank you for it

Reports Matter

With Formitize, you can create reports on any single form field in seconds. Word documents, triplicate pads, PDF forms, and other traditional form formats lack one very powerful element – data reporting.

With a few easy clicks in the Report Builder feature, you are able to create reports on any single form, and access and use the data within it from any given time frame as well.

The Report Builder enables you to create CSV files in exactly the format needed for import into other solutions making form data integration available for any third-party system. XML and other related integration services are also available.

Managing a sales team can be stress-free

The Importance of a CRM

Manage all your customer and supplier contacts, jobs, communications, tasks, documents, and accounts all in one, simple-to-use solution. Your sales team will thank you for providing a CRM that they can use while working on or off site.

Managing a sales team is a breeze when you’ve got the right tools at your disposal. Going paperless is your first step towards freedom, cost savings, and increased efficiency in your business.

Are you ready to boost your sales and take your sales team to the next level?