Celebrating Young People and a Greener Future

27 July, 2023
Celebrating some of the young people in our workplace. L-R: Gabby, Will, Dani, Tom and Jennifer

We’re great advocates of an environmentally-conscious future brimming with green skills and Sustainable Development Goals. The theme of this year’s UN International Youth Day (12 August) is ‘Green Skills for Youth: Towards a Sustainable World’. Not only are we fervent believers in the power of young people to positively change the future, we’re confident they have the skills, passion and foresight to make it happen. 


With greater knowledge comes greater power. Young people have been raised in a society that is increasingly cognisant of the impacts of our choices, with heightened green skills, attitudes and technologies that can enact real change. 


A more sustainable world is something very close to our hearts at Formitize. We provide paperless solutions that are not only more environmentally conscious but also more convenient, immediate and efficient. We provide a platform that improves workflow and allows businesses to run seamlessly from anywhere around the world. 


Most notably, our paperless forms have already saved: 

  • 378 million pieces of paper 

  • 48,000 trees


These numbers only include the forms themselves; the folders and envelopes that are inevitably part of that paper trail have not been accounted for.  


In addition to the increasingly sustainable culture that is emerging, there exists the very practical matter that young people will be on Earth for longer than their older counterparts. This alone is reason to invest in this ideology and nurture the green skills that will improve the world of the future. 


We will be marking International Youth Day by celebrating our young team members and the value they bring to our team. We will be honouring their fresh perspectives, inclusive worldviews and brimming optimism that enrich our work environment and our society as a whole. 


We’re encouraging our clients, suppliers and Innovation Partners to similarly share the love this International Youth Day by celebrating the unique contribution that young people make professionally, socially and environmentally.