Cloud Scheduler Helps You Manage Your Mobile Workforce and Assets

Keeping track of your mobile workforce’s progress can be a nightmare, especially if you’re still relying on paperwork to get this done. It’s impossible to know what everyone is doing at any given time, particularly if the responsible party or the required paperwork has not arrived yet, or is still in transit. You quickly lose track (or interest) in some of your active jobs and the staff working on each one as you struggle to juggle both people and assets.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a tool that takes care of all this, while giving you regular access to your employees’ whereabouts and the status of the jobs that they are working on? How about taking care of both people and assets without leaving your home or office? What if I told you that there is a quick and simple way to do all this and more, and it’s just one app download away?



One App Fits All

Yes, Formitize offers a myriad of features – including a Cloud Scheduler that simplifies your jobs assignments and monitoring – so you can keep tabs of both your mobile workforce and assets in real time.


Formitize Cloud Scheduler lets you manage your People and Assets for one off and recurring jobs with these amazing features:

  • Simple calendar layout with drag and drop job creation;
  • Manage your People and your Assets and combine to jobs;
  • Live monitoring on Job Status and GPS location; and
  • View in Calendar, Data Row or Map View.

From simple, one-off jobs to complex, recurring job profiles, such as maintenance contracts – you can plan and schedule both your People and your Assets from anywhere with the Cloud Scheduler. Create a job with a simple drag-and-drop on the calendar and assign to a user. The User receives a Job Notification alert, which includes route guidance from current location to job site.

Watch as the status of the jobs update in real-time providing management with awesome visibility of job progress. View all the jobs in Calendar, Data or GPS Map modes to give different views of job locations and data. Unassigned Jobs populate on the right of the scheduler; then you can simply drag and drop them onto the Calendar to auto-assign and dispatch.

Here’s how the Cloud Scheduler works:


Our clients love Formitize Cloud Scheduler too!

“I’m really happy with the service Formitize provides versus other companies that haven’t been in contact with me from starting trials. We’re definitely using Formitize to ensure our staff complete and send all information we need for our business.”
Director, Epoxycon

“I’m really enjoying the Formitize features. We are adding another truck and I wouldn’t have been able to manage the administration without Formitize.”
Co-owner, KMH Civil

So what are you waiting for? Improve your efficiency with this easy-to-use Cloud Scheduler to manage your people and assets. Start your Free 30 Day Trial Today!


Formitize – making paperwork paperless.

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