Taking COVID matters into our own paperless hands

Taking covid matters into our own paperless hands

Privacy and safety mishaps have proven massive holes in the methods so far employed around Australia to trace contacts in the fight against COVID-19. As soon as I saw a cafe using paper forms to record the visitor details, I knew we had to step up and help solve a real problem. It wasn’t private, it wasn’t secure and watching people pass around a clipboard and pen to each other meant that a system designed to restrict COVID-19 could actually potentially be spreading it.

The risks to privacy may be why so many businesses are reluctant to comply with COVID-19 contract-tracing regulations, and with new hotspots re-emerging, we wanted to act quickly to help optimise the tracing process and give businesses a tool they could set up instantly, that was really simple to use.

With the nature of what we do at Formitize, we saw an opportunity to help by utilising the technology solutions that we live and breathe every day. We came up with EVRsafe – a paperless Electronic Visitor Record safety system. It’s completely free, can be set up in just two minutes, is automatically branded with the businesses logo, and includes a Visitor Entrance Poster with unique QR code.

In just a few days since launching, there has been thousands of visitors so far that have been securely recorded with the EVRsafe solution from facilities all over the world. This has included cafes, restaurants, hotels, sporting clubs and conference centres.

We knew that cafes and restaurants would benefit, but there has been so much take-up in areas that we hadn’t even considered like sporting clubs, funeral businesses, councils and professions such as accountants – who in turn are recommending the solution to their clients. The more people benefiting from it the better as far as I am concerned.

We need to beat this virus as fast as we can, so we’re giving the solution away for free and we’re really pleased we’ve been able to engage part of our technology to help, for everyone’s sake.

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