Customize Submitted Form Pages with Great Flexibility

3 January, 2017

A Great New Tool to Present Your Submitted Form Data as You Want to See It.

The latest customization functionality provides the ability to custom view Submitted Form information in a powerful new way.


Additional Submitted Form Tabs

The latest release enables you to create additional Submitted Form Tabs. You can name these tabs whatever you like, select one or more forms that you would like represented in that tab and then decide on the column headings you would like to view from those forms.


How it Works

You can pull data from multiple forms into the same table. For example, you may have a number of different Pre-Start Check Forms for different Equipment being used, however you would like all of the Pre-Start Submitted Forms stored and viewed in the same page for easy checking. You can now achieve this quickly and easily.

You may have used different form field names in the different Pre Start Forms so how can you have different data showing in the one table? Well, we have thought of that too. You can custom name your table headings and then Match the column name to the field name in each of the forms you have selected. The end result is the data you have selected in the columns you have chosen – perfect!

You can also determine what User Groups are able to view the new Tab.

Have a go and set up your own Submitted Form tabs – it really does make viewing the different elements of your business so much clearer.

Just another example of Formitize saving you time and improving the way your business operates.