Delight Your Customers with Formitize CRM

27 March, 2017

It is every business owners’ dream to delight their customers for many reasons – to satisfy their wants and needs, to encourage them to share their wonderful experiences with your company to other potential customers, and to keep them coming back for more. After all, your customers are the lifeblood of your business.

However, delays and problems caused by lack of communication or miscommunication between your mobile workforce and customers can have an adverse effect on even the best products and services. So what can you do to keep your customers satisfied and loyal? Keep your communication lines open and healthy, for one.


Effective Communication = Customer Satisfaction

Clear-cut communication with customers could spell the difference between success and disaster. Breaking down lines of communication can be damaging (sometimes even fatal!) to any business. Keeping your customers engaged with effective communication all throughout every business transaction is key to keeping clients satisfied.

So many customer management solutions are either too basic and don’t have any smart functionality, or are way too complicated to even set up, let alone use. Formitize have been working away in the background to deliver a paperless solution that is super smart using many automated features, but just as importantly, is super easy to use.


Introducing Formitize CRM

Here at Formitize, we have been hard at work improving our app to provide powerful automation designed to improve professionalism, deliver huge efficiencies and delight customers. Due to huge customer demand, we have added a fully integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module to the Formitize solution to automate customer communications, invoicing and a whole lot more.

Formitize CRM has a range of powerful automations that not only take away so many of the menial tasks related to running a business, but also add so many benefits at the same time.




Here are four new ways Formitize CRM can delight your customers:


Job Type Status Updates

Create different, customized paperless communications that will automatically be sent through a combinations of email, SMS, tasks or letter that are auto-triggered as the job moves through the different stages from creation to completion.

Job Type Future Reminders

Maximize the value of future businesses by setting up automated Job Reminders for each different Job Type to ensure both your customers and internal team are reminded about future appointments.

Automated Reminders

Formitize CRM enables you to set up Automated Reminders that combine email, SMS and letter to maximize repeat business and client communication. Reminders can be sent to both customers and internal team members.

Job Update Notifications

You can also send automated Job Update Notifications and delight your customers with real-time updates on the job status from creation to completion via SMS, email and letter.


Additional CRM features include: Job Tracking, Cloud Scheduler, Accounts (Invoices and Expenses) with full Xero Integration and Reporting modules.

The end result is a fantastic level of communication with the customer and your internal team to keep them updated and informed, every step of the way. Keep them as simple, or make them as complex as you chose.

The CRM is now available to all clients globally. Check out these amazing features and more – open your Formitize app or sign up for a free trial today!