Dyslexia Awareness Month – How Formitize Helps Those Affected in the Workplace

21 October, 2021
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With October being Dyslexia Awareness Month, here at Formitize we’re so proud to be supporting companies and team members affected by it worldwide.

Dyslexia is incredibly common. In fact, it is the most common of all neuro cognitive disorders with around 15% of the population living with it.

While those with dyslexia have so many amazing skills in problem solving, creativity and conceptualisation, the reading and writing side of things can create difficulties that have an impact on everyday life. Dyslexia can also affect auditory skills, information processing, planning and organising, and memory and concentration.

A number of our clients have found that Formitize makes things a lot easier for team members with dyslexia, including one Civil Construction company in Regional Victoria which has been using Formitize since March 2021.

Here are the top 3 Formitize Modules that the company has found transformative for their business when it comes to their team members scheduling jobs, filling in worksheets and timesheets and getting on with day-to-day business.

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1. Smart Forms

Formitze Smart Forms and electronic worksheets have replaced all paper forms for the Victoria-based company, where they now complete and submit service and repair jobs instantly that are free of handwritten errors. This has dramatically saved time and increased efficiency.

“We’ve had a few staff [whose] handwriting has been illegible, so we found it really useful for submitting forms where a lot of it is just pre-selection drop-downs. It provides really clear communication, and you can still use your pre-emptive text.

“It’s been most helpful in the daily worksheets they’re submitting – it keeps us all on the same page and it’s just easier on both ends. Easier to understand, easier to submit.

“Prior to finding Formitize, we were dealing with inconsistent communication on daily reports. The paper forms our staff were using often had to be re-entered which was inefficient. We save a lot of time now as the sheets are submitted electronically,” the spokesperson says.


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2. Timesheets

The Victorian company, which has rolled out the Formitize Time Tracker, says it has been incredibly helpful for all team members – particularly those with dyslexia. From the moment a staff member opens a job, time tracking is activated and can actually be monitored in real-time.

The Time Tracker provides an easy-to-use time sheet solution that lets team members:

  • Record hours in real-time for one or more people
  • Link costs and charge rates to a job or invoice
  • View instant reports for payroll
  • Integrate with accounting solutions such as Xero.

“It links really well with Xero, and it works well with the API connection as the information feeds through straight away. Before Formitize, we were using a lot of spreadsheets.”



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3. Job Scheduling

With staff often out on the road, the company has been using Job Scheduling live in trucks.

Formitize’s Smart Job Management allows companies to schedule, manage and view their mobile workforce jobs in one integrated solution. It adds powerful automation and visibility to scheduling, and it saves time and improves efficiencies by reducing manual processes.



These are just some of the features:


  • Schedule from desktop or app
  • Accept, reject or reschedule
  • Route guidance and travel records
  • Late notification and travel logging
  • Job status updates
  • Safety first forms
  • Custom job forms
  • Quote, invoice and take payments
  • Appointment reminders
  • Real-time dashboard


The client says Formitize has made a massive impact on their team members with dyslexia, and it has transformed their business processes for the better. They plan on using more and more modules, as well as creating their own in the future.

“It’s really handy. It’s essentially like playdough – you mould it to what you want it to be.”

Join us in supporting Dyslexia Awareness Month. The more we shine the light on and champion neurodiversity, the more we create understanding and support for those it affects.

If you have team members affected by dyslexia, we’d love to chat more about how we can help make things easier in the workplace.