Enterprise Mobility Can Revolutionize Your Business

6 January, 2016

No one likes change. Everyone wants to stay the same, mostly because it’s comfortable and they’ve already gotten used to how things are. However, change is important. It ushers in new things that could make life easier for everyone all around. The same holds true for any industry – be it construction, pest control, building inspection, etc. What matters now is how to adapt to change in order to get maximum results.


Introducing Enterprise Mobility

So how do you introduce enterprise mobility into a business that is set in its ways? Try going the BYOD route first. Ask your mobile workforce to bring their own device to work and instruct them on how to use their smart phones and tablets to complete the jobs assigned to them. The Formitize app is designed so they can fill out, complete, and submit paperless forms to you so that you can review and update these forms in your management portal – your one-stop online resource for everything paperless.

Using smartphones and tablets allows you and your mobile workforce to save time and resources as you all complete mobile forms in record time. Unlike before when your field agents had to carry paper and pen everywhere just to complete checklists and audits, today, they can simply whip out their smartphone, open the job assigned to them, fill out the smart forms, and send them back to headquarters. It’s that easy!

The app does everything from project management to managing inventory and supplies. It also helps with safety regulations compliance as every step is positively shortened, thanks to the digital forms that simplify tasks all around. For instance, work orders are sent out and completed in the same day. Unlike before when you had to wait around for your field agent to complete the job order in the field and come in and submit the jobs, which used to take days, today, it takes mere minutes to generate accurate reports and send data from the field, thanks to our amazing software.


Formitize Benefits Everyone

Mobile apps like Formitize can benefit everyone in your organization – from you, the business owner, to your management, to your entire mobile workforce. As the owner, you can monitor and track the progress of your entire staff using electronic forms that they fill out from start to finish. Your management personnel will find the management portal quite useful as they help you stay on top of things by tracking the jobs that are sent to the field agents. Your mobile workforce will reap the benefits of their tasks simplified by the app. What used to take them hours, days or weeks to complete is now possible in just several minutes. That saves them precious time – time they can spend elsewhere – like taking care of your customers’ immediate needs perhaps.


There are so many other reasons why you should introduce and implement enterprise mobility in your organization. Explore more ways to revolutionize your business.