How Formitize expiry notifications make your life easier

17 December, 2020
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How niggly are safety forms and renewals? I mean yes, they’re important, but so so tedious! But the great news for you (if you’re thinking about using Formitize for your paperless business solution) is that our platform will keep track of your safety documents and automatically let you know when they expire. This could apply to licenses, insurance policies, or any other safety document. Here’s a better look:

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Safety Documents with Expiry Notifications

Many safety documents such as material safety data sheets and licences have an expiry date. As it’s important to ensure that you have the most current valid documents available to you at any time, the Formitize Resources feature manages the expiry for you and sends reminders as the expiry dates approach. It also does this on the expiration date, and again when a document passes its expiry.

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What is the Expiry Date for?

The expiry date will notify the users when the resource needs to be updated. When you add a document to the resources section, you can set the actual expiry date for the document. Admin will be notified of upcoming expiry on resources when they are due, and also when they expire if they have not been actioned.

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How Do Expiry Reminders Work?

In your Management Portal dashboard, you will see details about your resources (both expiring or expired). The administrator will receive an email reminder 30 days and 7 days before expiry, and then again when it actually expires if it has not been actioned already. Resource expiry reminders are perfect for managing licenses, registrations or MSDS’s, agreements and contracts, or any document that has an expiry date

Formitize includes expiry reminders as part of our paperless business solution package. Now you will always be updated and informed when expiry dates are coming up so you will never miss any update ever again. No more sifting through docs or landing in hot water when somethings expired (unbeknown to you). How good?



Would you like to explore Formitize expiry reminders?