Feature Update – Job Sales Fields

Formitize unveils a new feature this month – the Job Sales Fields.



Tracking Job Value, Salesperson & Sales Source

Three new fields have been added to the New Job page related to Sales:

1. Job Value

The Job Value field enables a financial amount to be attributed to the job – this can be the same as, or different to, the associated invoice.

2. Salesperson

The Sales Person field provides the ability to tag a salesperson to the job being created. A dropdown list of all users is available in order to select the relevant salesperson.

3. Sales Source

The Sales Source is a method of tagging the source or reference of the job sale in the same way you can tag the source of a new contact. The different sources will be presented as a drop down and new sources can be added to the dropdown at any time by simply adding the new source.


Viewing and Reporting

The above fields have been added to the filters of the “View Job” page so that you can report on any of the sales elements and create reports such as Monthly Salesperson Commissions.

Job Settings Page – Coming Soon.

With the addition of the new sales elements, the “New Job” page is becoming quite large and detailed particularly for our clients that are not using many of the elements. As a result, we are adding a “Job Settings” tab to the Settings page so that Administrators can hide Job Detail fields that they do not use. This will simplify the page and make it easier and faster to create and assign new jobs.

We will release a new Update as soon as the Job Settings page is added.


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