Feature Update – Kiosk Mode

At Formitize, we aim to help improve efficiency in your business so you can focus more on serving your customers and gaining their trust and loyalty. That’s why we are constantly improving our app with amazing features that offer a vast array of benefits. Kiosk Mode is one of those features.



What is Kiosk Mode?

Kiosk Mode is a mobile form format that auto refreshes as a clear new form ready for rapid entry. There are many applications for this. Yamaha Motors use this form type at trade shows and exhibitions to quickly collect visitor details and registrations. Elders Real Estate use it to collect Open Home Visitor details and many of our food production facilities use Kiosk Mode to record production line data every five minutes throughout the day.


How It Works

All of the same Form Actions are available so when a form is submitted, a new lead or contact can be automatically created in the CRM, a PDF form can be instantly emailed incorporating information collected in the form and a Task can be instantly created to follow up. So much time saved, everything automated and no duplicated effort.

Now that you know how Kiosk Mode works, see for yourself how it can improve efficiency in your business right now.


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