Five Reasons to Improve Your Workflows Using Mobile Forms

22 November, 2016

Tools? What tools?

Running a business that requires field service requires the right tools. For instance, communications could break down, schedules might overlap or cause conflicts in your day-to-day calendar, and additional tasks could disrupt your entire day or week.

Paperwork doesn’t help ease your burdens; it magnifies them. That’s why you need to rethink your whole paperwork-dependent workflows and find a better way to get things done right. Perhaps it’s time for you to consider using mobile forms.


Manual Data Sharing vs. Digital Workflow

A digital workflow capitalizes on two important things – your mobile workforce and smartphones or tablets to help them deliver excellent products and services to your customers. Sure, manual data sharing used to work – the keyword here is used to. In the past, whenever new events or assignments are assigned to field workers, they had to undergo a whole lot of schedule adjustments just to accommodate the new tasks.

Going back to the office from the field just to get their paperwork right took a lot of time and effort. This disruption may cause a ripple effect. A delay in your field agents’ schedule might affect even your back office workers, simply because they had to wait for field staff to return so they can re-enter new data. This entails both a delay and rework, which is not helpful for your business.

So why stick with manual data sharing when you can create a digital workflow? This will surely increase your business efficiency and enhance your mobile workforce’s overall performance.


Here are Five Reasons to Improve Your Workflows Using Mobile Forms:

1. Field workers and service technicians can deliver better services.
Going mobile can help your field agents provide efficient services to your customers. Using mobile forms can increase visibility, reduce mistakes, and improve efficiency of your mobile workforce. Improved workflows can increase overall production.

2. Automated processes guarantee accuracy and speedy delivery of services.
When you automate every process across all departments, you enhance the quality of your services. Not only that, you also create a platform for your mobile workforce to actively provide quick and efficient service for your customers. You can remove delays in your workflows and create efficiencies to enhance the bottom line. Plus, say goodbye to lost data.

3. Interactive scheduling saves time and improves efficiency.
Automate common tasks and implement accountability across departments. Eliminate back office data re-entry and other redundant tasks caused by paperwork. You can even implement checks and balances in your approval processes.

4. Quick and easy processing and payment collection.
Fill out, transfer, and complete data using only your mobile. Transfer data including photos, GPS stamps, digital signatures, diagrams, bar codes, and other information that you were unable to share using old-fashioned paperwork. Managing payments is now a breeze, thanks to mobile forms that offer fast, hassle-free transactions.
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5. Promote overall customer satisfaction.
Did you know that using mobile to improve business workflows could increase productivity by up to 25%? Yes, going mobile can enhance efficiency. Your mobile workforce can deliver better products and services to your customers, engaging them and providing their needs fully. Satisfied customers mean more business opportunities for you, not to mention word of mouth.


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Using digital forms can revolutionize the way you do business. Imagine how happy your customers will be when they experience first hand the wonders of going digital. Find out more about mobile forms and how you can improve workflows by going paperless.