Five Things You Can Do with Your Photos in Formitize Management Portal

5 January, 2016

Now that you’ve made the decision to go paperless, it’s time to explore the many wonderful things you can do with your new Formitize App. Aside from the feature-rich form builder that lets you use mobile forms for your business, you also have the multi-faceted management portal. You can use it for more than just assigning and submitting jobs. You can also play around with your photos using the web-based management portal.


Photo Management at Your Fingertips

Before the digital age, managing photos was a nightmare. You needed to stack cartons and cartons of photos and sort through them each time you wanted to use one. Today, with a few clicks of a button, you can find the photo you need by simply typing the relevant tags that you had used when first adding that photo to your collection. Searching for the right photos has never been this fun or this easy. Your mobile workforce can even use photos to demonstrate what’s happening in the field.


Here are five amazing things you can do with your photos in Formitize Management Portal:

1. Photo Streaming – Watch your Management Dashboard come alive as photos from the field stream in providing incredible, real-time visibility with searchable tags for future reference.
2. Visual Dashboard Streaming – Monitor activity as the photos being taken in the field stream across your Management Portal in real time. It’s the perfect tool for so many scenarios such as a maintenance manager monitoring the quality of a field user’s work by comparing the before and after shots, ideal for competitor analysis and all repair and service work.
You can click on the photo scrolling at any time to view a larger version of the image – this will reveal the assigned tags and will provide a link directly to the associated form so you can review the work in more detail.
3. Hard and Soft Tagging – You can auto-tag photos being taken with any field name attached to the form such as Job Number, Customer Name, User Name, Date, Time, Location. You can tag with any field that you would like to later search with. The “Search Photos” feature in the Management Portal then enables you to search your photos based on the selected tags.
4. Innovative Compression provides High Quality Imaging – You can take high quality photos and incorporate them into your smart forms. The Formitize App compresses the photos automatically to ensure maximum quality and resolution.
5. Integrate Photos into your Reports – The photos collected in the App can be automatically placed in the correct location in your Reports and sized according to your preferences with the associated comments placed directly underneath the image.


These are just some of the useful features for managing photos in the Formitize Management Portal. You can do all these and so much more to make your photos come alive. Use them in your paperless reports and in your sales catalogues or manuals. Formitize Management Portal makes sharing and using photos a breeze. Explore more options for photo sharing and management. Formitize your paperwork.