Five Ways to Save Money Using Mobile Forms in Your Business

Would you like to save thousands of dollars in your business? Do you want to earn more profit this year? What if I told you there’s a simple and inexpensive way to do that? You can start by using mobile forms in your business and see how much money you will save by simply doing away with that pesky paperwork.



Here are five ways to save money using mobile forms in your business:

1. Save on Paper – Yes, you gain real savings when you go paperless. No more printing costs so you also save on printers, ink and toner. When you make the decision to use mobile forms, you automatically save money that would’ve been used to buy paper or pay for printing costs. Instead, you can use mobile forms in the field to gather data from your customers.

2. Reduce Costs Spent in Data Entry Tasks – Replacing paper forms with mobile forms means you do away with bulky paperwork and the requirement of your staff to manually enter the data from information gathered in the field. Once they fill out the smart forms, they automatically upload all the information into the “cloud” when the app syncs the data saved in the forms. This eliminates the data entry job that used to follow data collection tasks, which means more savings for your business.

3. Cut Back on Inspection Time – Your staff can conduct inspections in your workplace or in the field and jot down notes using Mobile Safety Checklists, which also syncs in the “cloud” along with other vital information gathered during inspections. Your employee can use the time saved during inspections to perform other, more important tasks, which converts to more money saved in your business.

4. Increase Efficiency – Because you are now using mobile forms, your mobile workforce can collect data in the least amount of time. The new process removes steps in your workflow, which increases efficiency all around. This additional efficiency cuts costs and translates into more savings for your business.

5. Improve Accuracy – Using mobile forms ensures greater accuracy as your field agent enters data directly into the form. Smart forms have each section ready to fill out, including checklists and dropdowns. This eliminates the usual human errors that occur when paper forms are used. Increased accuracy means additional time and money saved, which you can use for more important tasks, such as enhancing customer service.


Other Benefits from Using Mobile Forms

Your mobile workforce will thank you as you help them cut time spent in the field by going paperless. Using their smartphones and tablets, your field agents can access and update mobile forms wherever, whenever. This makes their job so much easier because now all they have to do to collect information to complete the smart forms using their mobile device. Once they have completed the form, they can upload it to the “cloud” for you or your managers to view. They can also generate paperless reports that they can submit or schedule. They can also create and fill out invoices ready for your customers to sign using digital signatures. All these benefits can turn into more savings and increased profits for your business.

Can we formitize your paperwork and turn it into mobile forms that you can use to save money in your business?

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