Formitize Feature: How to Maximize Job Management in Your Business

Do you struggle with managing your jobs and monitoring your mobile workforce in the field? Are you constantly worrying about how your field agents are doing as they provide services or sell products directly to your customers? If you answered yes to either or both of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place.

Instant Job Status Updates


Automated Job Updates can be sent to your team or to your customers as the Job moves through it’s different stages. You can send updates by SMS, Email, or Letter, keeping everybody up to date, all the time.


One-off and Recurring Jobs


Set up single one-off jobs or create recurring profiles for repeating jobs and let the smart scheduler do the rest. Create Job Type templates to save even more time and improve the efficiency of your job management.


Automated Future Reminders


Maximise your future business using powerful Automated Reminders. Different reminders can be sent at different times by SMS, Email, or Letter and can be triggered before a job is due or after each job has been completed.


Here are a few tips to maximize job management in your business:


How Do I Add a Job to the Scheduler?


Create a New Job in the Scheduler by selecting the green New Job button or by holding and dragging over the desired date and times on the Scheduler grid.


How Do I Move a Job in the Scheduler?


You can Drag and Drop new and Unassigned Jobs in the scheduler.


How Do I Edit a Job in the Scheduler?


You can edit a Job in the scheduler by going to Jobs>Scheduler and then on the right side of the page, the list of jobs can be seen or just click on a job and the edit job option will appear.


What Does Clicking on a Job Do?


When clicking on a job under the scheduler, several options will appear. This includes the edit job, edit recurring, complete or delete a job.


How Do I Re-assign a Job From One Person to Another Using the Scheduler?


You can re-assign a job from one person to another by dragging the jobs on the right to the user where the job will be assigned.


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