Formitize Feature: How to Use Formitize Resources to Manage Your Business Documents

Have you ever been caught in a tailspin of paperwork? Every day, you get a mountain of paper documents piling onto your desk that keeps your business from reaching its full potential? It’s high time to go paperless!

In any business, it’s important that people have access to the latest versions of their documents at the right time. Formitize solves this problem with the Resources module.


What are Resources?

Resources are read-only items and can be any type of document such as Safety Information, Operating Manuals, Licences and Permits, Pricing Catalogs, Marketing Material, Training Guides – essentially any type of document that needs to be accessed and viewed.

You can create and name Folders and then upload Resource items to those folders. Once uploaded, users with the correct permission can access and view the Resource from either the Management Portal or the Mobile App.

Quick Searching

Resource Folders and the Resource items themselves are able to be stored alphabetically to help make them easier to find. The Search feature also available for quickly finding items too.

Resources can be emailed and PDF Files can also be printed. Simply swipe the Resource from left to right on the app and you will be given two options – to either Print or Email the Resource directly from the App.

You can create an array of documents to be available in your Resources. To enjoy this feature and more, Start your Free 30-day Trial Today!


Formitize – making paperwork paperless.

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