Formitize Feature Update: Signature Stamp

At Formitize, we’re constantly working to improve our app by developing awesome features that are both user-friendly and efficient. This time, we’re introducing a brand new feature you will surely love. Save time and effort with this amazing new addition.



User Signatures Stamp


This new feature release enables you to save time by automatically adding User Signatures Stamp to forms and PDF reports.


How It Works


You can now add a User’s signature to their User Profile. To do this, in your Management Portal, go to: Users > View Users > Select the User > Permissions > Signature.


Once added, whenever a user is completing a form, instead of having to sign their signature every time, they can simply click the “resign with stamp.”


This will bring in the user’s signature automatically for both the form and the related PDF generation. Many clients will prefer that their users physically sign the form each time. No problem, just don’t upload the signature to the user profile and the option will not be available.


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