Formitize Tip: How to Contact the Formitize Technical Support Team

At Formitize, we’re constantly upgrading our App and Management Portal, as well as improving our support system. Help is just a few clicks away.



Where Is the Help Section in the App?


Once you log into the App you will find the Help section is located on the home page. When you click on the Help section, you will also find the User Guide and Support Ticket buttons. The User Guide contains detailed, step by step instructions on how to use Formitize. The Support Ticket buttons lets you lodge your support request, which is sent directly to the Formitize Support Team.


How Do I Contact Technical Support?


You can contact Technical Support directly using the App or Management Portal by going to Help > Support Ticket. This opens up the Support Wizard, where you can fill out a form to have your request actioned ASAP. Clicking send forwards your request directly to our Technical Support Team. You can also email our Technical Support team via support@formitize.com


Can I Speak to Technical Support?


For speed of service, please contact our Support Team through the Help Menu either in your App or Management Portal. This will ensure that your request is managed in the fastest possible way. Based on your country, the device you are using and the nature of your support ticket, we can direct your request to the best responder and ensure help is provided as soon as possible.


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